Sunday, 17 January 2010

Princess is... Leaving on a jet plane

Packed my stilettos, kissed the girls goodbye and flew the nest in search of adventure and all things fashion-ey. It's a pretty big world out there, especially when you're blogging alone... *cries silently because maybe she didn't think it through properly. Pfft!

If you're reading this, I love you more than James Franco! It means you took the time to stop over, if you're a I loved CHH, but it didn't have enough space for my shoes and tiaras, so I'm going it alone.

'Oh great, another fashion blog' I hear you say.

Welllllllllll, I've never been conventional and whilst I can promise there won't be any 'blue steel' poses on PP, there will be shoes... lots of shoes.

I pull random faces whilst speaking. It doesn't mean anything.

I'm Jackie by the way.

I have two eyes.

I love pink.

I don't wear pink.

I laugh when conversations are moved 'to the trash' in gmail.

That is my face.

PP x

P.S, for those of you who aren't familiar with CHH...
 I've been blogging anonymously for a year (hence the face comment). Thanks for visiting too!

Oh and told you anonymous', I'm not a headless gimp... just camera shy.



    HOOOORAH! How GORGEOUS ARE YOU?! So excited about this PP! yay fun excitment joy splendour hip hooray!

    Can't wait for this shine to get on!

    xxxxxxx love bel

  2. YAYYYYY <3
    Hey there lady. So glad you're back!

    You are so beautiful, lovely that you're not anonymous anymore.

    Lotsandlotsofloveat YOUUUU.
    I am OF COURSE following you!

    M <3

    And Yes, I am insane :D

  3. HELLO lovely. Am I spying an H&M blouse there because I quite love it x10.
    I am here. I AM READING. x

  4. Yay!!! The beautiful face behind all those posts! I love your accent. I only say this because I am the only one amongst my friends who talks with an American accent, despite the fact that it's actually a Canadian accent ;-( LOL ! So I can only TRY to sound English ..hahaha Can't wait to see more posts. ! :-)

  5. I love CHH and I'm excited to see these fashion adventures :)

  6. yay!! I'm excited for your new blog!