Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Princess is... Giving you the lowdown

On her date...

The outfit:

The credentials

Name: Matthew

Age: 31

Job: Architect

The date

Dinner at Cocoon/Drinks at Dean Street Townhouse

Matthew seemed sweet enough, normal even, when I met him in Starbucks in Westbourne Grove (yes Starbucks). He seemed sweet enough when he paid for my caramel hot chocolate (result!). He seemed sweet enough when he held the door open for me on my way out. He even seemed sweet enough when I refused to take 'his card' when he invited me for dinner, because I don't go to dinner with random men I meet in cafes (but it seems I take their money in cafes). In the end he won me over because he looked like the Burberry model with 'the lips'- just saying.

1. Matthew clicked his fingers for service at the restaurant - 10 points

2. Held open doors + 10 points

3. Wore a jumper that was on the wrong side of tight - 10 points

4. Had a townhouse (which he would later invite me back to... no I didn't go) in Notting Hill + 10 points

5. Broke up with his girlfriend 3 weeks earlier - 50 points

6. Helped me put my coat on and 'accidently' copped a feel of my boobs - 10 points

7. Had a money clip (just saying) +10 points

8. Got drunk - 50 points

9. Felt (a little too high) up my leg, after moving from his side of the table to mine -10 points

10. Smelt good + 50 points

11. Looked at himself in the restuarant mirror... a lot - 50 points

12. Decided to call me Joaquim ( not Jacqueline) in his state of drunkenness - 10 points

13. Made bedroom eyes at me when leaving our taxi and asked if I would like to come in for a coffee.  (Does it even need points?)

As if I was born yesterday!

Although, if this had happened last year, I'd probably be telling a different story (just saying).

There are no (more) words.

Oh yeah.

This is my life.



  1. firstly.. i am in love with the skirt!!!
    and secondly... you kill me hahaha. and i want to hear more about him when we hangggggggg... very very soon.

  2. you are too fabu in that skirt.

    You surely had an eventful evening. haha.

  3. 10 points for a money clip? I'd like to contest that one please.

  4. ^^ Hehe MNFT, I know I know, it was very Paris Hilton (obnoxious) of him. He probably wipes his ass with fifties and has a pony. I should slap myself, right? I'm just in awe of anyone who has mullah right now as currently my bank account says piss off.

  5. LOVE your skirt!

    Nabila xo

  6. Wow, this is the exact reason I need a Zara in my home town. This skirt is FAB, and I just love the silouhette.

    - Anna Jane xxx

  7. First off, you look hot!!
    Secondly, I love the run down of the date! Men are very interesting characters & honestly for me, how I feel that day influences greatly my interactions with them.
    so is life.

  8. That skirt is absolutely amazing, please wear it when I see you!

    And the story...excellent comments!
    I'm glad it's not last year though, he doesn't sound good enough for you ;)


    Ps - you'd be so proud, I'm actually doing another blog post, score!

  9. UGH. I would've walked out the moment he snapped his fingers for service. That shit really pisses me off.

  10. @ LLB- Thank you. Men are definitely interesting characters; 25 years and I still know nada.

    @ Milly- Not too sure when I'll be wearing it next. It's v hard to pull off the 'woman who looks like bird' look.

    @ Anon- Yup. I almost DIED. All money, no class.

  11. j'adore that skirt. its divine.. gonna look for something like that too.. ahh im in love with it!

  12. the townhouse needs more points!

    oh shit. im really shallow. the snapping of fingers also needs more minus points. either way, he loses. x

  13. hahaha LOVE this post! sounds like so many dates I've had :)
    and wowwww at the skirt - amazing x

    ♥ Hannah