Sunday, 31 January 2010

Princess is... Partied out


I spent last night partying with twenty girls at Gilgamesh. Twenty = Messy.

I've never really been a people person. People meaning more than groups of five.

I fell over.

I spent half the night hiding from a girl wearing the same dress as me (damn you Topshop).

I spent the other half hiding from Zach 'I've left money behind the bar for all your drinks' the investment banker. Why the bartender wouldn't just give me the money (every time I went up for one) instead is beyond me.

I fell over again.

I forgot my camera- no outfit/part-a-ying pics :-(

I remembered what it was like to have fun. Really, really.

Off to the cinema now to see Brothers. Apparently Natalie Portman looks stunning throughout the WHOLE film. As if her speaking five languages wasn't already enough to make me jealous.

Have a great week lovers.



  1. I think you have...the TINEST waist. Hate you :)
    Love that cropped jumper though, I have one too - but not the same...!

    Also let me know how brothers is...!

    And ALSO - your lovely list made me laugh...Zach the investment banker?! & I hope you were wearing v. high heels worthy of following over ;)

    Love you xx

  2. Awww so sorry you fell over so may times, haha, it is a pretty cute story though! You are gorgeous and I love that cropped shirt on you, so perfect with those pants ;)

  3. Your night sounds WONDERFUL to me!
    p.s: our outfit is tres chic! love love.

  4. Oooo LOVE these zara much??? And are they this season??? :)
    They have some cream ones like this in the topshop sale atm, but i prefer these :) <3

  5. Great style, I am following! Hope to hear from u soon darling, kisses!

  6. @Pippa- They are this season, are still in store and were £40. They have a similar pair in beige also.