Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Princess is... working it

I decided that the only way to work this belt was with a little attitude.

Oh and denim on denim feels dirty. Ouch! *slaps behind



  1. There's something so wrong about doubling up denim, its just right ;)

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Feel free to stop by again :-) I love your chic look here. The shoulders are amazing.

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  4. Denim on denim and shoulder pads? It's like, hardcore fashion porn.

    I hope to god you didn't wear this out in the winter....

    I just made some DIY Levi's shorts today. I'm kinda of in love. To think that last summer I almost paid 60$ for what I just made, ugh. Scratches on them-wear I wanted and what not.

    <3 so yeah, great minds thing a like.

    now...if we could only get some good men in our life's...

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  6. Wow lady - you look amazing!
    So so fierce.
    Although seeing as I'm ill at home...I really hope you didn't wear this out!!

    I did some DIY shorts last summer - love them so much. &that Moschino belt from your mamma...hate you ! (in a good way !!)

  7. nice..... but if you wore it outside PLEASE tell me how you made it. I would never.

  8. love your outfit! i just want a closer look to your shoes, to love it more and more.

  9. @ Chritian & LLL- I haven't worn this outfit it outside... yet. I slapped myself after realising it was 3 degrees outside.

    @ SWC- They are fast becoming my fave shoes, I'll post them again soon.