Saturday, 6 February 2010

Princess... Has no tact

^^ Always wanted to try out an 'in motion' shot... how cool am I?

Fur, flats & leather (no make-up and unruly hair) ... not the most inspiring of outfits, but definitely called for on a chilly trip to Portobello market.

I spent the morning catching up with my Har-Mar Superstar lookalike and belt stall friend Illyas. As Illyas told me not to look at one of his belts because it was 'cheap' I wondered if he had finished Business school. I shouted 'Police' when a crazy sauce tried to steal costume jewellery from Helen the ring seller (I mean if it was real gold I would understand).

I ran into a (non recognisably hot) ex. Right.

Conversation went:

Him: Hi, are you Jackie?

Me: Yes (as in yes, thank you)

Him: Don't you recognise me...?

Me: No

Him: It's me, Ian * looks puzzled

Me: Oh, of course, how are you, you look great?

Him: Fine. Yes fine thanks. Ok, bye.

As he sped of sheepishly, I slapped myself for:

1. Not being more tactful.

2. Not being more tactful and getting his number.

3. Being cursed. Because in the grand scope of the universe, why must I be the only human being that runs into an ex who looks better than he did before?




  1. Ooo once again, loved the little story.
    Not having a very lucky day though by the sounds of things...!
    Maybe you will be lucky and bump into him again...

    Loveeee the gilet!
    & the motion shot ;)

    lovesyou x

  2. cool vest!

  3. jealous of those ferragamo flats! One day, one day I'll go to Portobello market, it sounds so cool.

  4. i love the vest i been looking all over for a fur vest no hope yet and the ferragamo flats heart them loll