Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Patricia Nicolas

It was only a matter of time before Patricia Nicolas became one of the hottest young jewellery designers. Her collection of edgy bone and pearl necklaces and bracelets, reminiscent of Givenchy AW08, definitely satisfied the closeted goth in me. I’ve actually been following her designs since LFW SS10, where her jewellery was draped over models in one of the sexiest shows to hit the catwalk: Bryce Aime.

Two words…

Oh My!

I was lucky enough to get personal with jewellery designer of the moment Patricia and talk: working in banks, loathing matching jewelley and Vogue calling…

1. Tell me about your latest collection. What was your inspiration?

Baroque poem is a sweet infusion of innocence and rebellion. It has an intriguing mix of girlie resin flowers and creepy sliver spiders and bees. I found most of my influences from London life, the feisty attitudes that even the sweetest of girls carry like an accessory as well as the excitement of the upcoming spring season.

2. Did your upbringing and family (jewellery being part of your family history) influence you?

I have been surrounded by fashion and jewellery since I was born. My father (a famous Spanish jewellery designer) started making his own when he was 15, it was inspirational to watch his business grow whilst growing up, I would love to watch him make his jewellery by hand and watch his designs develop into something contemporary, this definately influenced me a lot.

3. What did you want to be when you were younger/ if you weren't a designer what would you be?

I've always wanted to do something creative, I wanted to be either a fashion or jewellery designer whilst growing up. If I wasn't a designer I'd still want to do something I am good at and enjoyed. I used to work in a bank for 5 years, which was very boring for me. I'd maybe have been a painter as I paint lots in my spare time, or even an actress as everyone wants to be a star a little bit.

4. How did you get into the industry, what did you study?

Obviously my family has a jewellery design history, but my parents really didn't want me to enter the fashion industry or study fashion at all. I hadn’t decided what I was going to do during school (where I studied Business). It wasn't until I was very unhappy in my job at the bank and decided it was not the job for me that I moved to London and started making jewellery professionally.

5. What are your favourite trends this season?

I like a wide variety of trends and styles, for example this week I love the retro looks from the 60's and 70's, with the faded denim, capes and statement jewellery pieces. I really like the headpieces on the S/S 2010 catwalks, especially the bunny style ears at Louis Vuitton, and the use of pale colours and lace is going to be huge this season.

6. Who is your favourite designer/who's collections are you looking forward to next season?

My favourite designer of the moment is Isabel Marant; her effortless, pretty style is really cute. I followed Phoebe Philo at Chloe and love her latest collection for Celine, and I’ve always really liked Stella McCartney, her designs are always inspiring and also Prada which is always so ahead of the fashion curve. I am not sure why but I tend to love more female designers, mostly because they are more wearable, and have the right mix of style and comfort.

7. What is your favourite item of clothing?

A piece of jewellery, as its timeless. Especially if it's been given as a gift; when just wearing the item has you think of that person. Jewellery tends to have a more personal meaning than most other items which are only fashionable for one season.

8.What do you believe is the biggest fashion faux-pas?

I never caught on to the Bodycon trend of last year. I found it a bit too tight and a bit too revealing, not to mention unflattering on most people. I like it when people bring their own personality to their fashion, not buying completely high street or completely designer, or even completely vintage as it's not very unique. I think fashion looks best when it’s from a mixture of places and it really says something about the person wearing it. Another faux as is when people wear too much or matching jewellery as most of the time one piece is eye catching enough.

9. What are your plans for the future?

Im excited about opening my families new store which will sell most of our designs in Spain. I'm also currently putting the final touches on a collaboration with Vogue. Because of the success of my blog, I’ll be writing one to feature within Vogue.es!

(Necklace from her skulls collection, Cross from her vinatage treasures collection) 

Talented, Successful, a fellow Blogger... and did I mention gorgeous?

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  1. Fabulous fabulous interview - congratulations lovely. So deserved the opportunity to do this!

    I read every single detail of it and adored. Think the first and penultimate jewellery pieces are my favourite...hint hint...haha!

    Love you xxx

  2. i lover her designs, and her blog is REALLY GOOD!!

  3. hew jewelry is super unique; i love it!

  4. yes, if people are 2 much in vintage or designer or whatever clothes, i mean if they dont combine than its just so so.

  5. oh my goodness!

    great jewlery!
    great blog!
    i am folowing!

    sincerely, the fashionista from thesilentswagger.blogspot.com

  6. dear god, you've given me a new obsession. <3 C