Friday, 19 February 2010

LFW bloggers

Spotted the gorgeous Frances:

Caught up with the lovely Shini:

  1. Bring flat shoes. Cobbled streets and high heels does not a fashionista make.
  2. Fu*k OTK socks. Wear tights. Or trousers. Freezing cold and bare skin does not a fashionista make.
  3. If someone says 'hi' do not act like you're the queen of the universe and have been 'recognised' (you know who you are). YOU ARE ONLY A BLOGGER.
  4. Remeber you're only a blogger*. You are not saving lives, but making nice pictures with nice clothes. I learnt this when I was asked what I 'did' and receieved a stern 'everyone's a blogger' reply.
  5. Do not walk around looking like you got dragged through a bush backwards (and still act like you're a princess). Comb your hair and wear nice clothes (you know who you are).
  6. Give hugs. I do, but mostly because if I recognise you as my blogger 'friend' I've probably forgotten that I DON'T ACTUALLY KNOW YOU in real life. Plus, air kissing blows.
  7. Blogging is a community. Remember that.

* I'm sorry, this may hurt some of your feelings, but it's the truth. Come back to me when you put Superman out of a job.


  1. oh my, "but making nice pictures with nice clothes", SO TRUE. You looked looovely today, hottt in leopard <3 very stupid thing that I took pics of you with film, now i need to get it developed, printed scans... expecting about 2 weeks for that. GGARGH

  2. You looked great!!!

  3. To point two & seven I will say A-MEN.

  4. hiya hun - lovely to meet you yesterday. Did you go back today? so tired this morning how people do this for a whole week is beyond me xoxoxox