Sunday, 21 February 2010

LFW: Day Two

Fashionista (and Fblogs) Daniella

Because I decided to go out partying after Friday's shows, with my main fashion bitch Dani M, Frances, and the Facehunter, I woke up with a stonking hangover on Saturday morning. Thus, causing me to miss the show I'd been most looking forward too: Bryce Aime.

I die.

I'll  rewind. The Metal Magazine party wasn't what actually caused the hangover; I decided to peace after we missed the open bar and I ended up paying £10 for a small glass of wine. Pfft!

My hangover was actually caused by my venture on to Maya club, where Jodie Harsh worked the crowd until 3am and I rocked out with my c*ck out!

Back to the shows.....

Romina Karamanea

The makeshift catwalk show was held at Runway nightclub (the same place as the Metal party the night before). This meant that although we were seated front row, we had the pleasure of being blocked by Bodysuit Barbie's Aeorplane wings. For those who don't know 'Bodysuit Barbie', she's the blonde that walked around LFW in only a bodysuit (with propeller type wings attached to her sides) barbie arms for earrings, peroxide half plaited/half spiked hair and platforms. Apparently she's an aspiring designer, although crazy was never my thing ... plus she looked exactly the same when I spotted her  last LFW. Just saying.
Anyho, the collection was a bit too Aeon Flux for me. I mean the show wasn't bad... the models had nice hair and the goody bags were great. No but really, I did like the Prada SS10 esque raw-edged cropped leather jackets.

I'll post the rest of Saturdays shows tomorrow. To be honest, I've missed 5 shows because I was hungover, most of the shows clashed, it was too cold to queue and I'm back to work tomorrow* sobs so my fashion week foire ends here.
Tomorrow night I'm going to a party at Sketch, recommended by Stylesightings. The Misshapes are playing...

Leigh Lezark... I die.



  1. totally sympathize with the day 2 of fashion week wretched hangover. not fun. i put a photo up of you from friday. didn't have a chance to grab your name at the time but had it sent over to me so i've put a link up to your blog. hope your enjoying things! xx

  2. ah great post looks like so much fun!

  3. looks like real fun!!!

  4. bodysuit barbie... we call her lady gargle.
    not fond.
    im glad you had a good night after all on friday, I ended up partying on with a band called The Mockingbirds. Bizarro x

  5. i loveeee your outfit here. did i tell you that?? i think i did.
    also. i look like john lennon, no?
    haha this post made me laugh out loud!!!