Saturday, 27 February 2010

Love Magazine Issue 3

Ok, so I'm VERY late on this:

(Photographed by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott- Images: HighSnobiety)

But I had to post these covers for the sheer fact that Naomi and Kate (pushing 40 I might add) still have better bodies than moi.

What is wrong with the world?



  1. Haha I was looking at this last night at Molly' jokes it is like a porno. There's about 20 pages of all of them absolutely 100% naked, showing everything. And I mean everything.

    But unfortunately yes, they do look far too fabulous. In my head I'm chanting 'airbrushing'. Although seeing as it was an article all about body image I'm not so sure...! x

  2. you find this depressing, was watching satc the movie last night and munching on a kilo of brownie and kim cattrall (samantha jones) is all prancing around with her slender, toned FIFTY year old body....who the hell does she think she is? i dared not finish my brownie because my arms, legs and waist UNLIKE hers are not shapely smooth and slender ARGH