Sunday, 7 March 2010


I'm thinking of taking the shoulder pads out of this shirt. It's become really hard to wear without looking like an American football player. I do love it though.

My mum told me that I look like a boy today. Again. Apparently my non-earring wearing annoys her (even though she bullied me into wearing them on Friday) ...

Balls to the walls!

S'pose she has a point, since my idea of make-up is mascara and my hair is tied in a ridiculously high bow 'that does nothing for my face' (I love my mum).

So I guess for the first time in 8 years, I'll be earring shopping this week. Frightening fun stuff!*
Any suggestions?


(*Wearing earrings to me is as scary as people that wear leggings as pants... I don't know why.)

Formspring me!


  1. maybe go for studs to start with? asda do a lovley selection of earrings which are reasonably priced, so if you buy some and don't like them when you try them on it's not a huge loss. Some pearl studs would look great on you :) xx

  2. Very chic! Hope you had a great time at fashion week - It does indeed seem like so long ago now!

  3. totally agree with you on the leggings as pants matter, but I'm a huge fan of earrings. I think some small sparkly ones would look great!

  4. My mum told me I looked like I got dressed in the dark the other day. She meant it in a bad way, I took it as a compliment.

  5. I would love to give suggestions on earring shopping! But i gave up so long ago!
    I never wear them anymore :/ Maybe i should start! <3

    Take a look at my Motel Rocks dress for sale :)

  6. i think with a very already stylish outfit like that you only need simple studs. i like to shop for vintage earring ones that are one of a kind and i can wear with everything. Try the lonely single vintage standing glass case in topshop. dig around the bowls and cabinet and your bound to find something. but be aware of the immensely distracting walls of jewellery towering all over you.

  7. You look great, once again!
    I am with you though, I NEVER wear earrings and my family says that I need to, to soften up *hmmmm*
    But best of luck with your earrings search; chose something haute!

  8. @ MNFT- hehehe, do you think they know eachother?

    @ OR- will definitely be off to TS.


  9. i cannot believe that anyone would tell you that you look like a boy!
    i always just go for little studs... pearls or diamonds (fake diamonds that is). love the outfit on you by the way. xx