Friday, 5 March 2010

Hey Monkee

My new fave jeans by Monkee. Yeah baby.

For me, finding good fitting jeans is the hardest thing in the world. These bad boys stick to me like cheap leather to a pimp. Youch!

The sunny/cold weather has thrown me off slightly. Every morning I now ponder what I can wear that is warm enough, but not too Yeti. I bought this jacket last winter, but never wore it as it's a walking contradiction: 3/4 sleeves in winter = ridiculous, no?
Also been rocking my old skool Nine West gladiators Jesus style. I forgot how much I love these babies.

Have a great weekend lovelies.


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  1. those jeans are great on you x

  2. I love the bag!! :)
    I want it! Jealous :)
    And gorgeous jeans!! xox