Monday, 8 March 2010

Short & Sweet

(Fringed shorts: £35.00, Navy silk shorts: £30.00, Khaki tapered joggers: £20.00- All images, clothing:

Don't laugh.

I understand that the fringed shorts are part chandelier/part moulin rouge, but I have a thing about anything that makes my bottom (or any other body part, who am I kidding) shimmey. I nearly died when I couldn't track down these last year. I needed them in my life... and still do, so if you know where I can get my hands on them I'll reward you with one gold bullion.*

I was never a fan of the luxe sweats trend, until I saw this:

(Image: Jak & Jill)

... and now I need those navy babies and the joggers too.

In other news, the crap* I bought here arrived. The teddy and navy skirt are love, the stripe skirt not so much (crazy gypsy is not really my thing).
Kinda happy I bought the teddy two sizes up; any smaller and it would be illegal.

Have a great week lovers.


* Not really
** Crap denotes anything I buy, or just anything really.


  1. oh i just saw another picture of the girl pictured in the grey sweats from fashion week somewhere else (i can't remember where) and then went and found those exact same ones from topshop. too funny. i love them! xx