Thursday, 18 March 2010


Who is this stylish gypsy?

She was one of the first to rock the Givenchy SS10 studded headband...

and that's about all I know!

I think I love her.

Answers on a postcard please (so I can style stalk her).


EDIT: Special thanks to The Style Crusader -who trumped Shini I might add! :-)

Tiffanie Tiffany Hsu: 

(Images: Jak & Jill, Yvan Rodic,, Vanessa Jackman)

Finally I can hunt her down and marry her!


  1. Love the leather shorts. Saw similar ones at the vintage section of Topshop downstairs but they were too big for me :-(...

  2. I think she's a buyer for...some place :P let me find out. Saw her a lot during

  3. @ Snoblack- they were too big for you because you are a skinny minnie Natasha, lol!

    @ Shini- 'some place' = v helpful lol!

  4. is this possible that i actually know who someone is that shini doesn't?? something is not right here. isn't she Tiffany Hsu - buyer for Feathers?

    i did a post on her from LFW and someone told me that was who it was.

  5. oh my gosh, I knew this was a Garance photograph as soon as I saw it! she is so brilliant, isn't she? beautiful stuff :)
    and I love "gypsy style" as well. I even named my car Gypsy because it just seemed appropriate at the time haha xo

  6. @ TSC- you are the balls, thanks doll!