Friday, 16 April 2010

The freaks come out at night (what what)!



Night time

I spent last night at the  Portobello Acoustic Sessions (every Thursday from 7pm).
I'm not much of a music buff, so I'll just say, I heard a lot of (mediocre) music and drunk a lot of (good) Budweiser. If you're sassy, by now you'll know that where there is music, there is (85% of the time) hotness- just saying. Considering that most of the hotness in my area died a while ago (kidding) these days I'll try anything that might involve meeting hot guys... apart from speed dating that is- yuckkers!

Since the revelation of my face (for those that don't know, I used to be an anonymous blogger) I've purposely refrained from shaming myself disclosing my sexless life. I figured being asked questions such as:

'So you are the PP that got shiny on your friends sofa'
'So you are the PP that kissed 4 boys in one night'
'So you are the PP that got shiny and forgot his name'

(All of these things may or may not have occurred)

would not be so much fun.

Plus, this year I decided that the next guy I get 'shiny' with will be my husband. Really really.

So last night I put my best leather hotpants foot forward, got drunk (as per) and tripped over Ben (putting the amps away) whilst I was on my way to the toilet- classy! I spent the night helping myself to free drinks (courtesy of Ben) and constantly saying 'go on... he likes me... get one more drink on Ben' to my friend (eek!) whilst Ben spent the night talking to my legs (classy).

Ben has nice hair*.

I'll keep you posted on any developments.

Tonight I'm going to see Plan B. Woot!


*I probably do not have the best match-making credentials; hair being a 'credential' for me. 
I'd probably matchmake you with a ruffian with nice hair. 
Ben is not a ruffian fyi, he just has nice hair and organises music nights.


  1. Ha! (re Ben has nice hair). Great post.

    It's funny: I impulse bought a breton tee really cheap @ Zara (even tho I've got lots of striped tees, I wanted a really slouchy one) and I'm so into wearing it - if I ever leave home.

    LOVE the way you put this together: day into night. They're both great looks. You could have even got away with the day shoes for night, thus saving carrying them round. See you next Friday I hope: summon the courage! Have a lovely Friday x0

  2. Jill,

    This is my fave top ever. I just re-discovered it after losing it in my ridiculous wardrobe. Breton tops are so addictive and go with everything.

    I did manage to get it off work, can't wait to see you guys again!


  3. 1. i don't blame ben for talking to your legs all night - they look hot!
    2. 1 LOVE everything you are wearing - that top, those shorts, the trousers, both sets of shoes. oh my gosh. seriously, we need to go shopping together. you have the most amazing taste.
    3. i can't wait to hear more about all your exciting nights next time i see you.

    have a great weekend poodle.

  4. of course hair is a credential. FFS PEOPLE x

  5. Great transistion from day to night. Looks effortless.

  6. You're stories are hilarious!!!!
    I loveeee your day to night transition!

  7. You look hot love. *seethes with jealousy*

    Have you got Friday off yet?? x

  8. Let me have that shirt. I have an obsession with stripes. Some say I need rehab for it, what do they know?

    I got shiny with lots this weekend, oh god, the stories :x.

    I love your style of writing and you're fab.

    The gays love you.

  9. The other day I bought the exact same trousers. Love. Them. (I'm from Spain...)

  10. AWESOME day to night look! i'm always stumped as to how to revamp an outfit to fit daytime and evening... great inspiration!


  11. I have a ridiculous amount of stripes in my wardrobe but normally see them as more of a day time thing, but your night time transformation looks amazing! Love your blog

  12. @ MNFT- yes I did. Can't wait to meet you!

    @ Christian- the straights love you.

    @ Carrot- greetings from a naughty Londoner

    @ Fashion cake- thank you doll!