Monday, 5 April 2010

When BT tried to ruin my (blog) life...

There are some great things about living in West London. Some.
My 'ends' have given me Portobello Market, Little Venice canal, breakfast at Tom's and the teeny-tini-shorts guys that run around Regents Park on Sunday mornings* smiles

Then, something like this happens:


Some monkey thought it would be a great idea to flood their offices, (which in turn caused a fire) all because they wanted to extend their Easter vacation.
Ok, so that's not entirely true. But actually because of the BT monkey's, I've been blogless for SIX WHOLE DAYS.

And I was lonely... I was so lonely... ever so lonely* think Akon

Actually, a wise man would say I'm responsible for 20% of their monkey count, considering the internet has been back for 2 days; and I was none the wiser (who knew the net could work without your phoneline?)


I'm back b*tches!


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