Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Currently (2.0)

In reply to Jen, here are the things, all under £50, that I am currently wishing for:

1. AA Sexuali-tee 2. Topshop Victoria shoes 3. Accessorize Love ring 4. Black leggings 5. A replacement pair of Ferragamos (technically Jen a vintage pair is under £50 haha) 6. H&M against Aids acid wash dress 7. Zara grey flares 8. New piano books 9. Topshop teddy 10. Small paint brushes 11. Topshop silk shorts

To be honest, once you get to a certain age you don't really expect anything for your birthday *cue violins.
No, but really, I just mean that most stuff under £50 I tend to buy myself, or can't be arsed to buy.
It seems I find it easier to part with larger sums of money than small. I am she who haggles in Portobello Market. Ridiculous...

'£20 for a plain white tee- wtf...?' 'Oooh there go a pair of £500 shoes- bargain'. 

This list was actually harder for me than the first. At the risk of sounding like one of those pretentious monkey's who 'lives designer' believe me, 75% of my wardrobe is courtesy of Madame Zara. The only thing I really splurge on is shoes.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. You'll notice they're a pair of plain black leggings on my list. All I want for my birthday is a pair of black leggings. I know, I'm a freak, but black leggings would make my world (honestly, I get obsessed with everything) * slaps herself.


p.s by now you should know that when I say 'need' I really meant want real real bad :-)

(Images: H&M, Zara, American Apparel, Topshop, Accessorize)


  1. oh, i want that ring too! love it! great choices! let's go on a shopping spree, hehe!

  2. i also need black leggings.
    can i do this challenge?? can we keep them when we are done? :P
    xx fi

  3. I have the love ring but im so scared it going to turn brown !!!

  4. love the AA tee i have it in gray! xxx

  5. I need black leggings too: I looked round the other day and realised they seem to be the staple of everyone I work with's wardrobes...I feel like I'm missing out!
    Love everything you've chosen, especially the Topshop pumps which sooo remind me of a pair by Marc by Marc I saw in le Bon Marche a few years ago and coveted xxxx

  6. hahah jackie i soo love this! thanks for doing it. i totally agree that its way harder to come up with reasonably priced things for a wish list. i love your reasoning behind the white tee/500 pound shoes... you are so funny my love. xx

  7. er, at what age to you stop expecting things for your birthday, exactly? I must've missed the memo on that one. Thank God.

  8. my 2 to the 6th is also coming, where did the time go? why lord, why? i was promised that i would stay young forever. I completely agree that black leggings will make the world of difference.

  9. Items 1-6 I want so bad, especially those topshop victoria shoes!

  10. The ring is amazing!