Thursday, 27 May 2010

A fitting day for Princesses

Since my new camera (thanks bro!) has enabled me to do more than cut and paste (seriously thanks for sticking around for the last 2 weeks guys) I thought I should fill you in on my birthday.

Tuesday was R I D I C U L O U S.

Let me explain my use of 'ridiculous' to you...

Ridiculous: an extremely good thing, sometimes a bad thing... 99% of the time a good thing.

Example: OMG Jen and Jill you got me black leggings... ridiculous* sees slightly puzzled look from others, then after 5 seconds adds ...

Honestly, it may just have been one of the best birthday's ever (insert cheese here) because what started out as a 'do you want to meet for cake' email between Jen and I ended up with 14 girls having afternoon tea at Kensington Palace (well the Orangery... although it kinda makes us princesses) and jumping around (illegally I might add) on the grass.
I have to say a big t-h-a-n-k-i-n-g  y-o-u to Jen for organising an amazing day. She's pretty modest; says she only sent out a few emails, but she's the best. I mean considering the girl doesn't even live in London and came down for the day, that's pretty cool.

(Shots of me taken/borrowed from Jen)



Whilst the 'classy bloggers' drank tea and ate sandwiches the size of pencils, the 'naughty bloggers' (Jen, Dani and myself fyi) pondered whether it was wrong to get pissed at 3.45pm. A couple of Becks (yep beer at a palace) and a bottle of Prosecco later, I was very merry. Just so you know, saying things like:

  • Oooh, you're teeny tiny now... not that you weren't before... you look great... (to Shini, who fyi, has always been tiny)

  • Yeah I don't really know much about proper cameras. All I know are lens sizes, like 2.7 inches.... No Jackie that's the screen size (Jen's reply)

  • Ooh, you bought me cake/leggings/lipgloss/flowers... that is ridiculous... I mean I love it (because if you say ridiculous, people think you mean ridiculous)

  • We have to go drinking soon... then again I don't know if you can drink like us (referring to myself and Dani)... we drink c i d e r... you're pretty prim (to Jen, drinking a beer at the time)

  • I don't really know really, let me think... hmm Platform Princess... Platform Princess... I suppose it's my blogs name because I like shoes.

  • Is that a fake invite, or a real invite? (to Jen after she kindly invited Dani and I to Sweden)

  • You know that squirrel can kill you, right? (to Shini or Ace Ventura as she is more commonly known)

  • You know those pigeons can kill you, right? (Again to Shini)

... May offend people you don't know, know/make you look stupid in front of people you don't know, know/ make you look like a alki, to people you don't know, know.

The whole day really put the 'people you don't know taboo' to shame. We all had an amazing afternoon, and and it was so much fun meeting lots of new lovely bloggers.

And the best saved for last. Here's Jill dancing, she's such a good sport <3 her!



  1. It was a jolllly-wonderful afternoon, not too hot and not too cold (except in the evening).

    Yes Squirrels and the flying rats can kill you, they carry nasty nasty germs/bacteria and odd stuff. But you can kill them LOL.

    More again next time round.

    Peace out! x

  2. this post made me laugh out loud (literally not in the stupid lol way) quite a few times. i actually forgot all those hilarious things you said during the afternoon! i had such a fun time. and it seriously was my pleasure to organize. whoop whoop. see 26 wasn't so bad after all!

    p.s. jill dancing is the most amazing thing ever!! so glad you took that video! xx

  3. HAHAHA i just literally laughed out loud. that video of jill is the best thing ever.
    what a fun dayyyy!!! hope you had a lovely night as well missy. let's get on this sweden trip! xxxxx

  4. ^^ I still have not forgiven you for your 'old chap' card. My mum on the other hand thought it was hilarious.


  5. This post is amazing - I am laughing out loud, repeatedly, in public! I can't say enough that it was such, SUCH, a good day, thank you all.

  6. This post is brilliant!! I was reading the comments and thinking 'what video of JIll dancing?' and now I'm laughing at myself! Out loud.

    Okay, it's my turn.. don't have any film but I do have lots o'shots. Jackie I'll also send you some of just you.

    What a day! I still want to hear about how squirrels can kill you.

    Happy Birthday Babe! xoxoxoxo

  7. ^^ haha, well technically I don't think they can kill. Well, I was told they couldn't, but I refuse to believe it. Then again I am generally afraid of anything that is smaller than me, but moves faster... elephants not so much.


  8. thought i'd swing by and say happy birthday as i keep seeing you all over everyone else's blogs right now about your fun day! seems like you all had a super time and your friends are very kind.

    lovely dress too

  9. ww this is such a cute post, Its so nice to see all the different captures of your big day, you lucky thing. Absolutely the best way to spend your birthday if you want lots of photos.

    much Love xx

  10. Haha I like this post, it made me laugh! Especially Jill's video, her dancing is priceless! I had loads of fun too, can't wait for the next meetup!


  11. looks like you had a fab time - happy belated birthday x

  12. MMWAH! so glad you had a great day. xx

  13. Hey you,
    I am SO glad you had such an amazing birthday. And SO sad I totally missed out. It literally looks like sucha lovely time. And as always you look gorgeous!
    I shall have to make up for it somehow...

    love you billions xx

  14. lady, i only came cause of the cakes. nowt to do with likin' ya, mmkay?
    xx fi

    ps JOKE! you are amazing

  15. You're all so cool and beautiful. And your dress is like... perfect.

  16. happy birthday! looks like you had loads of fun!

    and i love your dress!


  17. I'm a bit late, but happy birthday!! Hope you had a wonderful day.

    Sorry I wasn't able to make it - I had to be boring and work, but hopefully i'll get to meet you at another gathering sometime soon. And the Kensington Palace tearooms look lovely - i'll have to get myself along there!

    Miss B xx