Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The hat is back

Hat: Unknown, Jumper: Cos, Jeans: Monkee, Boots: Zara

Playing around with photobucket (trying to make up for the poor quality of these Blackberry shots).
The crop jumper is Cos. I found it on eBay (I love when that happens) after seeing it on Gala and crying about not having it in my life. It's the thickest thing in the world and so perfect for this crappy weather.
The hat is back. Not so much because I like it (although I do admit I'm pandering), but because my hair looks like a piece of crap this week. Hairdressers tomorrow- whoop whoop!

Did I tell you it's my birthday in 2 weeks? I've just booked tickets to Switzerland. If anyone's in Zurich, between 21st-24th May holla!



  1. Thats a verrry cute crop! + i like the hat, its all flopsy:D


  2. ahhhhh!! your going to zurich?! how exciting! can we do some london celebrating too please?! xx

  3. wow, looking smashing in this hat! very cute and very elegant! ;)

  4. YEY! that hat is wack. love it. you look so cute in it. hope youre having a wonderful week. what do you wish for for your b.day theN?

    xx ediot

  5. i am in love with that hat x

  6. Zurich that's a way to do a birthday. cute hat if it's that lovely its more than o.k for a repeat shot.