Monday, 17 May 2010

More money than sense

Spent most of the evening rubbing myself against my friend's Meg Matthews x Liberty wallpaper (soooo goooood).

My wallpaper cost £5 a roll.

Some people have more money than sense!



  1. hahah that is awesome. that wall paper does look pretty fab. my walls are just normal o'l white. that looks totally fab.

    p.s. i could also say that my rings normally cost about 3quid from topshop... whereas my friend jackie buys YSL ones... some people have more money than sense. xx

  2. ha, hilarious! you look very chic and elegant! indeed, some fierce wallpaper, hehe! ;) love the ruffles!

  3. You're making me jealous, my student-house walls are a weird cream colour...any wallpaper would do, however this one would be excellent! Sadly we're not allowed to paint, wallpaper or poster the walls - though the latter I've ignored slightly!

    Gorgeous sheer top and gorgeous wallpaper; I love the contrast!

  4. Haha I dont even have wallpaper, just paint!

  5. hi darling. you look so cute. and i have a similar wallpaper-i dont know the price-since it was there when i moved in.

    xx ediot