Wednesday, 22 September 2010

London Fashion Week SS11 Day 1: Paul Costello & Ashley Isham

P A U L   C O S T E L L O E

brocade...peplum...wispy 60's updo's...ankle socks...pleats...englishness...

Paul Costelloe's day-break show was the perfect way to kick off London Fashion Week. Models descended the runway wearing Stepford wives-esque peplum dresses, complimented by wispy hair. Denim and metallic biker jackets injected a rock'n'roll touch into girly maxi dress ensembles. Costelloe's 'English' trademark was ever present in an array of sharp suits, trenches, school-boy blazers and pop socks. 

A S H L E Y   I S H A M

embellishment...asian...bride...pop colours...headdresses...feathers...print...graphic...

The stand out pieces from a collection which drew inspiration from Asia, were dresses with cascading tails and geisha inspired headdresses. The construction of Isham's pieces were impeccable; adornment, embellishment, meticulously planned and executed fine details, which included full crystal encrusted bodices.


  1. Love your fresh take on the collection, you summed them up perfectly. xx

  2. As much as the Ashley Isham collection is superb, I can't resist a bit of English prep. I'm fine with being a stepford wife if I get to wear dresses like that!


  3. I hear the 7 men that finished Paul Costelloe show were the actual sons of the designer? Is that truuu?

  4. Lovely to meet you too, albeit briefly. I'm sure we'll see each other around somewhere soon.

    Sorry to hear about your ring too - I lost my favourite Chanel brooch recently so can sypathize. Hope you enjoyed the rest of the week otherwise?

    P.S. Love your Zara skirt - have been looking for the exact same one to no avail.

    Briony xx

  5. Thank you for sharing it all with us, dear ;)
    Have a beautiful day!

  6. great pictures you are a lucky girl for seeing the show first hand!

    stop by sometime <3

  7. although i really liked the ashley isham show, seeing all the images together is a bit overwhelming. there was a lot going on. but the pieces were beautiful. p.s. i miss you. dinner next week please. xx

  8. Hey,

    I know it was a while ago now but just wanted to say it was lovely to meet you at the Bertie thing a couple of weeks ago. Which shoes did you go for in the end? I absolutely love your blog and will definitely be following from now on! I'm surprised I didn't bump into you at fashion week, then again it was probably the most hectic 5 days ever. Hopefully see you at another fashion event soon.

    Love Ella X

  9. Nice! I'm liking the Paul Costelloe maxis x

  10. Can you PLEASE change the font on your blog?? Make it larger or something because I like your blog but it's so difficult to read. Thanks x

  11. ^^Hey Marisa!

    I actually like the font on my blog. But I'll compromise and make it non-italic. Been thinking about doing that for a while and it should make it easier to read. Thanks for the imput ;-)