Friday, 1 October 2010

London Fashion Week SS11 Day 2: Bernard Chandran, Spijkers en Spijkers & Bryce Aime

Bernard Chandran nature...embellishment...robotic...flight...volume

Chandran's Malaysian inspired collection was gorgeously structured and embellished. Use of metallic fabrics, silks and lurex added femininity to sharp pieces. This was one of my favourite collections; because of it's 'robot-esque' feel! The original collection showed that Chandran truly is an innovator of SS11's Asian trend.

Spikjers en Spikjers


I was blown away by Spijkers, as I had never heard of them before. The collection was playful and girly and very reminiscent of Miu Miu SS10. Models descended the runway with mermaid hair, looking like beautiful ethereal creatures. The collection was ultra feminine, with pleating and lace and floral being key features.

Bryce Aime

asia...lycra...geisha...jewel shades...origami...

Aime's collection of lycra leggings and origami t-shirts left a lot to be desired. Asian inspired pieces, such as geisha platform shoes and mini box hats were present. But with designers such as Isham's more creative offerings also embracing the oriental trend, the collection ended up more comical than couture.


  1. absolutely love your single word descriptions of the show... robot and mermaid were my favourite. seriously appreciate hearing an honest opinion of the shows rather than a generic, 'i loooved it!!' you rock. way to be genuine. xx

  2. you can tell that you work in the industry as you have a precise, and intelligent way of talking about the collections.

    btw I only today (loser) saw your old twitter message about your picture. I hope you like the one I plicked on my side bar, if not let me know. x

  3. i adore the layout of your photographs, plus i totally agree with jen's comment! xx

  4. Fabulous selection. The Bryce Aime collection looks pretty good, though I hadn't heard great things about the show on the day. Digging the mermaid hair! x