Thursday, 7 October 2010

Man Clothes

(Jumper: Topshop, Jeans: Monkee, Boots: Zara, Pictures: Jen)

Wore this to grab lunch and then hopped along to the Victorinox press event on the promise of free booze (don't judge me) and maybe a Swiss Army knife. Please don't reduce my credibility percentage to zero, I wouldn't endorse an elephant because it poured free Prosecco (which would actually be really cool), but Victorinox actually do make clothing.

'Man clothes' to be more precise, and other waterproof, windbreaker thingys that scare women (in a good way) such as work/ski/military wear, will be the extent of my description of their 'Modern Traveler' collection.

But, they do make a mean parka jacket... and more importantly, I got an army knife with my name engraved on it (and some mini burgers).

(Picture: Kit)



*They do actually sell women's clothes... I just didn't get to see any.


  1. HAHA your funny! this is so cool, what will you use that knife for?? xx

  2. I don't want to see you getting a hoodie and walking around Peckham with that Swiss army knife dear! LOL ;-) Hey I would have come for the free booze too, no shame in my game !

  3. ha, wow those are divine and you too, sweets! ;)

  4. Nothing wrong with free booze! Lovely jumper, great colour and it looks so cosy. xx

  5. You got a free army knife?! That's so random! Looking lovely btw xx

  6. i adore your jumper, it looks so comfy!

    oh my goodness, i am so jealous of your personalized army knife (i'm easily pleased, haha). i was invited to this event but didn't go, boo! xx

  7. Ha! You do slouchy so well. I almost bought those beauty boots, then I woke up and realised I'm skint :( Oh well xxx

  8. i loved your boots this dayyy! and your hair. i dont think i told you in person haha.
    i reallyyy want a knifeeeeeeeeee hahaha that sounds scary

  9. LOVE this jumper! I found you through knightkats blog. I totally agree about the killing moon and wrote a comment underneath. Good to see there are other people not afraid to speak their mind!


  10. I LOVE your boots. that detailing down the back is what did me in!

  11. I invite you to read my blog -

  12. Gorgeous shoes Dear!
    What a nice blog you have here!

    Love from Stockholm..
    This is me:

  13. Omg.. those boots are so in love with them..And those jumper is gorgeous and looks so Amazing paired with those everything abt ur outfit....So chic..

  14. i'm insanely jealous of the swiss army knife