Tuesday, 23 November 2010


(Jacket: Vintage, Cardie: Mum knitted, Trousers: Zara, Shoes: Prada, Pictures:Kit)

How amazing is this cardie?? My mum knitted it in 1988- I kid you not! It's cropped, and has a cocoon-like shape, so naturally I stole it from her yesterday!
Spent the afternoon having tea with Chinti and Parker (more about that later).
Oh, and I decided to re-embrace the top knot (extensions are a b*tch!).



  1. so many things to say...

    1. Chinti and Parker are fabulous. love their simple and snuggly looking designs.

    2. that cardigan is insane. i cannot believe your mom knitted that! i can't believe she knitted it in 1988! I can't believe it still looks in such tip top condition. you are a lucky little one. can't believe too that you didn't steal this sooner?! it is gorgeous.

    3. THOSE SHOES! are insanely gorgeous. did you tell me about them once...? and did i say i didn't like the idea of them...? i think that may have happened, and if so i take it back. they look awesome.

    4. love the all grey foot/ankles/trousers combo.

    5. i am so happy to see that ring on your finger yet can't help feel a slight tinge of sadness at the thought of that seriously tragic moment in somerset house back in september.

    love you. xx

  2. I actually awed in amazement at those gorgeous shoes; they're amazing.


  3. Uum when did you get those shoess? HOT!

  4. How cool are those shoes? But weren't you cold? I don't know how you guys do it here! It's so cold! I'm still not used to this weather! xxxx

  5. lovely outfit! i adore everything--the furry jacket, the cute sweater, and of course the ring!

    xx raez

  6. @ Jen- You did, haha! I still remember the coversation. It's ok, Kit hates them. She thinks they'll melt come summer, haha!


  7. awww mummy is GOOD <3


  8. That is one impressive cardi!!
    But aw you have the Prada's! I had the exact ones but they fell to pieces after only one wear so I had to return them, I did get a pair of the new ones with the bows as a swap but how I loved those perspex ones. Love them with this outfit xx

  9. i love the coat and the YSL ring! =)


  10. love the YSL ring...i want the blue one
    and that jumper is like older than me! love it

    x x

  11. Owh maaaan THOSE Prada perspexxxxx, I wanted to get them during the sale but the after-sale price was still too high for me grrrrrr.
    You looking fabbie with hair up like that wuman!

  12. That cardigan is lush, nice one mama princess p! Loving your hair like that too x

  13. that jacket is soo nice i bet it,s warm... and extensions are a bitch, until it's winter and your ears get cold lol <3

  14. I wish I could knit the sweater is lovely!!