Thursday, 30 December 2010


(Gilet: Ducie, Silk Shirt: Vint, Shorts: Vint Levi's, Shoes: L.K. Bennett)

It might just be me, but I've always found outfit posting during the holidays a bit indulgent (hence my absence) because it's nice to just spend time with your families*, you know?

So basically this (or something mundanely similar) is what I've been slobbing around in for approximately 5 days. The holiday haze has devoid my brain of outfit co-ordination that does not include pyjamas (and uggs) or my new pink snuggie (love you mum) or BOTH at the same time. Therefore, when I can be bothered to roll (literally) out of bed, in between scoffing turkey sarnies/turkey soup/turkey on the side (of everything) my denim shorts (on the side of everything) have been my default uniform.
Today I decided to get all adventurous and don my wedges to a pre-new years dinner with friends- so rock'n'roll!

Fact: The vintage shirt cost 99p in Portobello market. Fact 2: The vintage Levi's cost 99p off eBay.

Anyho, I realised I didn't wish you guys a Merry Christmas *slaps herself*, but make sure you...

have a great new year!!

Love you longtime xx

*may or not be code for turkey


  1. hi darling. i'm so with you on the blogging thing.. i've been having such a great time back home with my parents. and haven't felt like posting outfits either.. or anything that takes a lot of time.. it's a lot more important to spend time with the ones you love than on internet..
    you look really great in this outfit- love the shirt.
    wish i could go to the portobello market. or any market in london.. man i miss london. hope i'll be getting myself back for lfw..
    hope you're having a wonderful week darling.
    happy new year


  2. I need to find a pair of shorts... I love yours. I can't believe they were 99p!!!! I never find bargains.... Anywhere.
    Have a great time tonight and Happy New Year!! xxxx

  3. Wow those shorts are phenomenal, I adore this outfit.

    Have a great NYE and all the best for 2011 xxx

  4. LOVE this look - happy new year x

  5. i don't even know if I'm going ;) but maybe. I think I'm going to LFW instead. are you?
    wish you a wonderful week dear


  6. Those levi's were 99p from ebay? I'm watching a pair for £10! Im going to keep looking now! Love this look, and love your blog - im now following :)

    Hope you can do the same!

  7. I LIKE :) happy new year too (not late lol)