Wednesday, 8 December 2010


(Shirt: Cos, Skirt, Vintage, Tights: H&M, Shoes: Prada)

Ever see the episode of Friend's with Ross and the leather trousers? (here).
Fought with this skirt to get it over my booty today.
It was too big when I first bought it, so I had it tailored.
Now it's too small.
A while back, I cut a little off the bottom and left the hem raw.
Naturally the seams split (but I kinda liked it that way).
My sister saw me today and told me to take it off.
Apparently my 'booty was trying to break free'.
It wasn't.
...Ok, today it may have split a little more.
(But so you know, the paunch at the top isn't a baby, it's my tucked in shirt, k?)
See ya winter stews and caramel apple crumbles.


  1. Oh that Cos shit looks interesting, love the colour contrast with the black and grey plus your Cinderella shoes.

  2. haha. i love this outfit. the shirt, the leather skirt, those textured tights. seriously perfection miss jackieo. love the way you've written the post. you are too funny. hope the skirt doesn't split apart.... now that would be an interesting look and i'm sure that would get the boys on the street singing.

    p.s. your hair looks grrreat. xx

  3. looove the shirt!
    x x

  4. Thank you for your comment on my drawings :)
    I'm doing well, finished college for a few weeks, and I'm going back to Spain on Friday! But I'll be back on January. If you're not busy maybe we can have coffee then xxx

  5. Love the ensemble and those shoes! Cos does the best shirts indeed ;)

  6. thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!!
    would LOVEE to have u as my follower!!

    have a wonderful day!

    KISSES from NYC

  7. Super gorgeous, booty and all x