Monday, 14 February 2011

The army

(Bertie, Gap, Acne, Zara, Church's, L.K. Bennett, Acne, Zara, YSL, Mulberry, Prada)

Hi Hi. Here's some of my army.
A few oldies, newies and trusties. Generally the shoes I wear most.
Makes me realise that I've actually got rid of a lot of pairs recently.
In theory I'm aiming for a '5 piece' French wardrobe, so most of my outrageous/faddy shoes have gone.

  • I don't own open toe ankle boots. Cos they're a contradiction.
  • I don't own JC Lita's or JS Dany's, cos they're blogger shoes. Sorry.
  • Yep, I only own one pair of flat shoes. Church's. Nuff said.
  • On my hitlist are CL Pigalle's||Bal space age's||Chanel ballet flats||vintage chelsea flats. 
  • Never thought I'd own pointy shoes again. Ever.
  • Still searching for Emma Cook creepers (39, black, hit me up universe!)

p.s Happy Valentine's Day. I <3 you.


  1. I can tell your enjoying your camera, lovely photographs.

    Heels all the way, I'm going to suffer in my old age, because I wear them way too much...x

  2. Say no to contradictions and blogger shoes haha. You are amazing.

    The photo's look great too!

    P.S. I love you haha xx

  3. What a collection, I'm in love with like ALL of these!! Love the perspex heel on the prada ones =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  4. What a collection, erm no colour?

  5. ^^ Haha, got rid of most of my 'colourful' shoes Kit. Now I'm minimising French style, lolzzz. But then again this is only like 30% of my shoes!

  6. A strange but cool photo op', I'm in love with your shoe collection! xx

  7. Very jealous of your collection.

    Lydia xxx

  8. loving the army! esp the brouges and boots

  9. Color my heart black, eh? I die for those oxfords that you have there. I like your army. Throw Chanel anything in there and I'll gladly be your allie.

  10. You're anti-Lita too! Thought I was the only one!
    Love those zara pointy fellas - are they a recent buy? THey are very Dunst-fave Louboutin xxx

  11. Dude, you have a pair of converse - doesn't that count as another pair of flats? I love your line up of shoes. I was thinking the other day that I have a lot of black shoes... but you seriously SERIOUSLY put me to shame. I think you've got the best shoe collection of anyone I know in real life. Love the location of you used for these photos too Jackie. Really cool. xx

  12. I kind of love that you lined your shoes up like this. I would have been afraid of them falling into the water in the point of no return, but I appreciate your courage.
    Shoe line-ups are enough to give me an orgasm.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  13. So... want to throw some of those my way?
    Thanks - was lovely to see you also!
    And I shall see you tomorrow I think? Yes!

    lots of love x