Sunday, 6 March 2011

Spring: The WANT list

1. Acne Bittersweet Jacket & Sensational Shorts (via My-Wardrobe): I'd really like a boyish suit for this summer. This is perfff!

2. By Malene Birger white shirt (via My-Wardrobe). Why is it so HARD to find a plain white shirt that isn't tight fitting, tunic-like or crop-sleeved???

3. Chloe wedge sneakers (via Netaporter). Donna Wallace has them, we all need them :)

4. Jil Sander Market Acetate Bag: A blogger item. Still want it though *slaps herself*!

5. J Brand Kiki Jeans (via My-Wardrobe). Flares are my wardrobe staple <3

6. Equipment snakeskin shirt (via My-Wardrobe). The.Stuff.Of.Dreams. If I can just get my hands on a snakeskin or leopard print shirt this year, my life will be complete. Nuff said!

7. Pink trousers. Not Necessarily these. Actually, not these, cos Zara are charging people 50 bucks for these and that's plain ridiculous! Pretty nice though.

8. YSL arty black resin ring (via Netaporter). I have one and apparently now I need them all!


  1. oooooh never seen the black ysl arty ring before....looks like that baby just jumped on my wishlist too lol :)
    Xisses, Onyxsta

  2. The bag looks gorgeous, statement summer piece.

    Love the Zara trousers, been seeing pink trousers quite a lot, love them, need to see if they would suit me though.

  3. I'm all for the power suit...if I only i had somewhere to go! x