Tuesday, 3 May 2011

'4or Ways To Wear'

And we're off!
Introducing '4or Ways To Wear' my new monthly feature, where I style a current trend and generally show you the ways in which I'd wear it. Simple.
Kicking of the hooha is PRINT (one of my faves). I'll warn you now that I generally find it hard to wear one item of print at a time.
I'll also tell you now that in no way am I preaching to you about what you should be wearing... this is purely to give you inspiration on how you can wear a piece you may be having trouble styling or be desperate to try.
I also want it to be as interactive as possible, so if there's something YOU want me to try, gimme a holla and I'll be your guinea pig!
Ok? Good.
Here you go loves:

1. The Blazer (OTT Print)
Blazer: Paul & Joe via H.PR, Trousers: Zara, Tee: AA, Shoes: Prada, Necklace: Margiela

2. The Shirt (Animal Print)
Jacket: Topshop Boutique, Blouse: Equipment & Shorts: Iro via My-Wardrobe, Shoes: Docs

3. The Shorts (Chic Print)
Blazer & Shorts: Paul & Joe via H.PR, Cardigan (backwards) Sonia Rykiel via My-Wardrobe, Shoes: Zara

4. The Dress (Classic Print)
Blazer: Paul & Joe via H.PR, Dress: Topshop, Sandals: Ann Demulmeester, Necklace: Margiela

Look 1 (OTT Print):

- I love this quirky blazer from Paul & Joe; the colours are so perfect for summer. An easy way to wear 'in your face' print without looking OTT (because it is!) is to extract one of it's main colours (I chose pink) and incorporate it somewhere else within an outfit. I chose to colour-block these amazing pink Zara trousers (but I think it would also look amazing with these babies). 

Look 2 (Animal Print):

- Equipment shirts are sooooo good! I'm particularly in love with this one and generally anything animal print! Animal print is generally an acquired taste (no-one wants to look like Rick James!) but anyone can work it, as long as it's toned down. I chose to work the masculine look here- no fuss docs and slouchy shorts. A snakeskin/leopard print shirt also works really well with coloured trousers (like the pink Zara pair) and simple flats for an updated summer look.

Look 3 (Chic Print):

- I wore these shorts a LFW and fell in love with them!  Because of their muted print, these work particularly well with smarter looks. I love pairing black and navy and these work really well with the monochrome dotted cardie and fitted cropped blazer. I don't believe that you should always pair shorts with oversized blazers- fitted blazers also work really well when aiming for smarter looks, creating a slimline silhouette.

Look 4 (Classic Print):

I think people forget that polka dots are actually classed as print, because they're almost their own entity. I adore them; they're classic and work with everything. Dots work really well with other dots (shapes and sizes up to you). I paired this cut-on-the-bias Topshop dress with a fitted white and navy spot blazer and sandals, for a simple summer look.

Thanks to the readers who have emailed/sent ideas over for this project. I'd love your feedback and/or suggestions on this and future '4or Ways To Wear' trends!

-Special thanks to Clara for all photos, Harriet at H.PR and Susie at My-Wardrobe!


  1. Looovee! So much fun shooting this.

    'Nice skirt your almost wearing' haha x

  2. love this '4or ways to wear' thing!

    im doing 'the white series' (styling white tops) atm...

    look 1 and look 3 are my fave here :)


  3. Loving the third look and they way you mismatched the prints...x


  4. Whoa whoa whoa! This is such a great concept Jackie and I love your selection of outfits. Number three is definitely my favourite. So chic and so very pretty! Also, what is up with that Margiela necklace man?! That is freaking awesome. xx

  5. 1 and 4 are my favorite... and that necklace is to die for.

    Two questions:
    1) how is your hair ALWAYS so perfect?
    2) can you teach me how to color block?!!!!!!


  6. ^^Hahaha!

    1. It's not, I feel so boyish without my extensions.
    2. YES! When I see you in NY ;)


  7. WOWOWOWO- your outfits are unnnbelievable!!! You have such a fantastic style and I love your jewelry! And your blog is just sooo cool!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  8. Ah man I love the mismatch pattern on you. I prefer the first look it's fresh and colourful and the last one is an optical illusion :P

  9. You look so good in everything you wear. Obsessed with the bright pink trousers, and that Margiela necklace!

  10. Hi Miss, I have just discovered your fashion blog and I truly LOVE your sense of style :)

    I am now your new follower number 202 and I add you on my fashion blogroll ;)

    You are welcome in my fashion blog
    PRINCESSE SISI http://princessesisi.blogspot.com/

    I hope you will follow me back :)

    Bises from Paris,

  11. Love the feature, such a great idea! Love the mismatching prints and how you put two different spots together. Also think those pink trousers are bad ass

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  12. the necklace :O so beautiful !!!!! ooh it would be so great if you did something on super big jewlery , i really want to wear something like that ( like the necklace ) but im so small looool so im scared it would drown me xoxo

  13. OMG LOok 4!!
    I just love layering like that.
    You looked Amazing!
    Thanks for the Inspiration! :D