Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Same old Chic

(Shirt: BDG, Jeans: Zara- old, Platforms: L.K Bennett- old)

Keeping it super simple these days (sorry kids) because I'm finding it really hard to determined what I like. Maybe it's because I don't like summer, maybe it's because I'm not inspired. Apart from the below post, I'm not really into a particular style of dressing and there's nothing that I really crave *violins* lolz.
Plus, cos I've got rid of most of my belongings I don't really have much to choose from; a few pairs of jeans and some boots at most haha- nothing really directional, nothing really fashion. Like I always say, I'd rather have nothing than crap! Anyway, today I rescued these jeans from the crapper and cut up the knees and bottoms. I like. The shirt was given to me by Clara... animal...Ra!



  1. You don't like summer?!!! :) I kid I kid. I do really like this outfit though. I like what you did with the jeans...a little DIY do give them more life. :)

    Fast Food & Fast Fashion

  2. I love love love this look! My favourite thing about it is that you've buttoned the shirt all the way to the top! So babe!


  3. Looking fab - love that shirt. It's def NOT summer in Glasgow yet! xx

  4. I love that print blouse lady ! ;)

  5. You look chic ! I love your updo.

  6. Hi girl :) I really LOVE your amazing platform shoes ! And I don't think so that you was not inspired lol ;) sometimes I think that it is better to be spontaneous and not so good to plan everything...especially in Fashion !

    Bises from Paris,
    Sisi http://princessesisi.blogspot.com/

  7. Love this outfit, especially the shoes! Casual chic, we love it! :)

  8. oooooh i want jeans like that :D

    and im sure once you go on your trip you'll feel more inspired again like a mini eat,pray and love but fashion style :) xoxo

  9. LOVE this outfit.
    Yup same HATE summer!!!

    Jen xx