Monday, 23 May 2011

Talons at Tillie's

When I was invited down to Tillie's Nail Lounge in Maida Vale for a chance to try out the popular 'minx' nail technique, I was over the moon to say the least. Not only because I'm an overly girly-girl (manicures, eyelashes, hair extensions you name it) but after seeing Beyonce (don't laugh) fashioning these babies, I couldn't wait to get my paws (no pun intended) on them.

Based on a leafy Maida Vale road, surrounded by kitsch boutiques and frequented by school-run yummy mummy's it was an all around chilled out experience. Since I'm more used to the faced paced buzzing American nail salons and Wah's, I was pleasantly surprised by their luxurious lounge beds, home-made furnishings and array of original artwork from local artists, making it feel like a girly home away from home.

I can thoroughly recommend Tillie's as a great place for a manicure, pedicure, girly get-together or even a coffee- and being the recipients of the 2011 Professional Beauty Award for best nail salon, it seems I'm not the only one!

Below are my gorgeous newly minxed nails:


Thanks to the lovely Shreen at Tillie's !


Tillie's is located 5 Formosa street, London W9 1EE. Prices for manicures start at £15.


  1. That place looks so cosy.

    I want to get them done, let me know how long those last, please.

    Thanks for all your sweet comments...x

  2. Woah Jackie, your photography has improved alot alot!!!!! I love it.
    Loving the gold claws.

  3. awwwww i so want to go in there and just laze around reading a mag and drinking tea ( with carrot cake ) it looks so cute !!

    and i love the nails xoxo

  4. Tille's look so cozy + lush.

    ;) the minx nails look good.

    Jen xx

  5. Loooovely! The nails look totally (sasha) fierce! Hope you didn't snag them with your luggage traveling today! xx

  6. The nails are looking hot lady! Happy birthday and have fun in New York...concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there's nothing you can't do...sorry, couldn't resist breaking out a little Alicia! xx

  7. I love the minx! I want to get my nails minxed as well! Looks so good!

  8. AW I LOVE this place, so girly, it looks like my bedroom the florals and whites. LOVE your nails look pretty sick too =D x x