Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty


I can't believe I was actually lucky enough to see this exhibition. It has to be one of the most breathtaking collections of history I have ever seen.
I purposely tried not to over-edit these shots so you could get a feel of how eerie it was walking through the 6, or so rooms (curated by the genius that is Andrew Bolton) showcasing McQueen's 19 year contribution to fashion. Imagine dark-lit rooms, a spine-chilling score and echoes of distressed voices- perfection. What was more disturbing were McQueen's quotes, highlighting his depression, angst and obsession with death.

Note. These shots are actually contraband, because you aren't actually allowed to take photos in the exhibition... but I just couldn't help it. So, please link back to me if you use any.


  1. Looks amazing, would have given me goosebumps if I was there...x

  2. these are mesmerizing.
    i am so glad you went and brought back the gift of these pictures.

    ps. check out my giveaway!

  3. That first quote...

    I would kill to go to that exhibition. Thank you for taking all these pictures xxx

  4. wow, gorgeous! so pity they never allow photos..would be great to see for people and fashion lovers outside the country, too who cannot go and see the exhibit!

    amazing! xoxo

  5. You should watermark them incase someone does decide to take them. I really want to see this exhibition. Hopefully I make it to New York before it closes.
    strut mode

  6. dang it. i would have taken some photos if i had known they werent going to consfiscate my camera or something!