Monday, 27 June 2011


 (Dress: H&M, Boots: TS)

Hi Hi.

Sorry for the slowdown of posts MAN.

Along with negotiating a move and a new job, I happened to lose my camera charger somewhere between NY and London (and got charged £55 for a new one *tears*) so I've not been able to blog much (and didn't want to bore you with re-posting net junk).
So anyway this is a kind of cliched high-street-doppelganger-fashion-aficionado outfit I suppose, a la Marant SS11. Kinda glad you can't see the gauze detail on the dress because I get that itchy, cringy feeling when I see bloggers rocking their string vests circa 1990's yardie 'fashion'. Yep, I said it.
But actually the dress is my sisters from a few years back (I think) and I've wanted cowboy-esque boots like these since wayyyy before Marant started popping them out at £500 a pair, ya. Or maybe Topshop is just really good at convincing me that I'm really individual *confused face*.

I'm such a trendsetter ;)

Ok, love you, bye.


  1. Love the dress and love the boots. You look hot in white and your hair looks lush. xx

  2. Your dress is so minimal and pretty <3 I love the nude shoes too! Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!

    Lost in the Haze

  3. Can't believe you lost a charger! You know you can buy non-Canon charger for a cheaper price.

    You're rockin the look dudette.

  4. I love the dress and your hair looks so nice!

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  5. Definitely a Cute Outfit!
    That dress is amazing :)
    Thanks for the Inspiration.