Thursday, 1 March 2012

LFW Highlights: CHARLIE MAY AW12

Charlie May AW12

CHARLIE MAY AW12 'The Question of believing' 
(Directed by Mark Gostick, Art Direction by Alexxia Elizabeth)

I'm so excited to share these photos with you from my girl Charlie May's AW12 womenswear presentation.
Held in an intimate suite at the Soho Sanctum Hotel, Charlie presented her second stand-alone collection. Inspired by 'seascapes and intrepid water worlds and the sensation of drowning' her fluid fabrics, minimalist designs and serene vs harsh refrences, truly reflected interpretation of the loneliness of the sea.

As I've mentioned before, in my opinion this collection was definitely a continuation of her first. Much of her signature tailoring; soft leather jackets, boxy coats and delicate sheer dresses were present, but with the injection of rich autumnal colours; navy and burgundy's being prominent. Known for her androgynous designs, this season she showcased a well received bodiced evening dress, proving that she definitely wears more than one hat! 

My favourite piece was the white leather strapped jacket (like everyone else!) and my favourite aspect of the whole presentation was how relaxed the models were; drinking and chatting, reflecting Charlie's laid back persona!


  1. What, no photos of me?

    I see Lexxi's influence in the "seascapes and intrepid water worlds and the sensation of drowning" haha

  2. It was so beautiful, and I agree that the relaxed atmosphere and chatty models made it even more special. Lovely seeing you too, we must catch up properly soon x

  3. the long straps on the cuffs are so cool! x

  4. I am in love with the maroon shirt with the cut-out detailing, stunning x