Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Birthday Wishlist

It's my birthday THIS FRIDAY so I pulled together my obligatory birthday wish list, natch! It's basically the things that I want but can't be sozzed to buy... ok mum (I know you read this occasionally)!

I don't think I've been that greedy this year, and it's a pretty mixed bag, reflecting my not-really-into-anything-specific fashion haze atm.


1. Nike 'Blazers' - Yes, I want trainers... and yes I know they're not Marants... sue me! 
2. Moxham 'Taba' bracelet- To add to my growing chunky jewels collection.
3. Vanessa Bruno silk striped pants and macrame jacket @ my-wardrobe - Still loving suits
4. Margiela show cuff - This has been on my list for like forever; I really should have bought it forever ago.
5. Barbie Blackberry case- Just because. 
YSL Cardinal shows - I missed out on the Wang Anais, and these are a pretty bad-ass alternative.
6. Canon 50/1.8 lens - Another thing I should have bought forever ago. But I really hate spending money on things I can't wear!
7. Anything from the Supreme x CDG line... and possibly the boy in it!
8. Acne 'Fever Trash' jacket - This actually haunts me, so much so that I called their Stockholm HQ to find out if they had it ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET. Somewhere in the universe there is one in a size 36 waiting for me.
9. Christian Louboutin 'Unbout' - There are no words. Apart from Sex.

Obvi, if you're not my mum and you just can't fight the urge to send one of these to my doorstep, I won't oblige *wink wink*.



  1. Happy Birthday eve, eve! I absolutely LOVE the nike high tops and the louboutins, of course! hope you manage to get 90% of gifts xx

  2. wheres the cardie from?? love it xx happy birthday

  3. I have the same problem with buying non-wearable items... I always request things like lenses as birthday/Christmas presents from the family so I don't have to spend the cash.