Tuesday, 26 June 2012

C Whitt

(headband//clare whittingham//shirt//uo//dress//topshop boutique//chucks)

I'm back from New York, the weather is glorious, and I've spent most days playing in the park!

Before I left I was sent this gorgeous floral headband by Clare Whittingham, otherwise known as the pint-sized wielding maverick! Now, far from what I'd usually wear, (or what she'd usually design) this un-cutesy headband has spiked studs poking out from otherwise pretty flowers.
I first met Clare a year ago when I worked at the pr company that represented her, and she blew me away. We chatted away about her love of comic books and Mad Max! A self-taught designer, she spent her days welding wheelchairs (really!) and the rest of her time designing headbands, chest plates and shoulder accessories out of metals. I'm especially a fan of Clare for challenging the stereotypical ideals of women and femininity... a bit like this headband.

thanks Daniella for the photos.


  1. That's such a sweet headband! I'm rocking a cream lace headband at the mo.

  2. I'm loving the dress. SHow me more of it ;)

  3. love the outfit and welcome back :) xoxo

  4. welcome back, super cute headband!

    J x

  5. really liking the skirt, is it satin?