Monday, 18 January 2010

Princess is... On a date tonight

My first official date of 2010 to be more specific.


Whilst usually I look forward to dates in theory (wining, dining, shining) 2009 wasn't too prosperous on the men front. The last guy I was 'seeing' (term used very loosely) :

  • Wore a flat cap
  • Never bought me drinks... EVER!
  • Mooched my drinks
  • Mooched my cigs
  • Mooched my friends cigs
  • Threw a hissy fit because he wasn't allowed to stay the night on my friend's sofa 'because 'it's closer and I won't have to spend £30 on a cab ride home'
  • Killed a fly with his bare hands

I don't know why I stuck around for a month. Actually that's a lie :-)

The guy before that threatened to fly back home to Paris and kill himself (via a 4am phone call) if I didn't come over. Why he couldn't do it in England is beyond me.


Tonight should be fun*.

I'll get back to you.


*Fyi, I'll be at Cocoon around 8ish. If by a miracle you're there too and it looks like I need rescuing, be my guest... no excuses as you know what I look like now!


  1. LOL! Men are such douchebags, why do we bother? anyway hope it goes well.

  2. Ooo sounds exciting!
    Your previous stories made me laugh...and worry a little...a suicidal french man?! ;)

    Thank you for my lovely comment back. And putting me in your blog roll - I'm honoured :)


  3. you always give me a good laugh. Poor fella that tried to kill himself. Going to Paris for all that trouble, haha.

  4. You used to date Obama!?!
    No fair.