Thursday, 25 March 2010

Henry Holland x Levi's

(Images: Refinery29 & Denimology)

Henry Holland's second Levi's collabo.

Me no likey.



  1. Mmmh mmh, the dress is definitely too belty for me, the jeans are quite intriguing, but I think I would need to put them on.

  2. Ew. Maybe, just maybe, the jeans would deserve a chance. Dress and jacket-> too ugly. And I bet they're expensive.

  3. Hummmmmm it a bit odd. But Leigh Lezark models in the campaign and she looks goooood.

  4. Wrong on so many levels! (but i always find him off the mark :)

    Hey coral is a GREAT CHOICE! i am obsessed with my arty (much to my fiance's horror- I wear it next to my engagement ring, which makes it look so measley!)

    I get so many comments on it- LOVE IT! It matches EVERYTHING! (blue wouldnt match ALL jewelery etc, coral blends with everything)

    Nice choice lady

  5. whoa. these are pretty wild. yah it does look pretty DIY and that sort of denim wash just screams american tourist. with the added straps it looks very trailer trash meets stripper bar. not hot. especially that pair of jeans. xx

  6. i'd like it better i think if it were only a short denim corset. this isnt my sort of thing either.

  7. Eurgh.
    I am so glad you don't like these.
    Because I think they are god awful.
    Plain nasty.

    xx A xx