Tuesday, 27 April 2010

'But if you liked me you wouldn't be talking to her'

... and other stupid things 'she' said on Friday night...

'she' being the ghost of myself. 'she' being the person I no longer know. 'she' being the person who went home with -50 cool points...

'That's a nice beard' (whilst stroking a random hot guys face)
'I'm bored of listening to him' (said loudly enough so 'him' could hear)
'You look like a pirate'
'Fashion police' (to the 80's reject trying to chat me up wearing baggy pants and bling).
'Ooh, you have a fanny pack'
'Where is my friend? She left? ...Ohh, is that vodka?'

What started as one friendly drink with Daniella from the F Blog turned out to be a pub crawl of Broadway market watering holes late Friday night.

I ended up at home at 5am.

I must admit, I am a brat. I like to get my own way and sometimes when things don't go exactly my way I freak out (but I'm a nice person really really).

Friday night's example: Why is it that whilst I profess to be an independent woman, sometimes a simple whiff of a guy I 'like'* can turn me into a 12 year old schoolgirl?

The guy in question being Dave (not the hottest name, I know. Then again, Jude Law's real name is Dave).

Dave was actually a pretty nice guy. He was actually a pretty hot guy. He was a hot guy that bought me drinks all night, gazed at me adoringly and then got the short end of my diva strop when I saw him talking to another girl. AND when he tried to explain the girl was actually a friend, I looked the other way, waited for him to stop talking and left.

Sometimes I just do stupid things.

As Daniella say's 'I am ridiculous'.

I concur.

I will forever be single.


Oh and there are new developments with leg man Ben either. I blew him out after waking up on Saturday morning with no voice. Who knew going out without a jacket could kill you?

I will forever be single.



* 'Like' usually refers to 'hotness'. But I suppose you know this already?


  1. HAHAHAHA. omg the hot beard is my MAN.
    what a redic night, must be re-lived (not sure if that's a word?) soon. and maybe we will see cardigan there and you can reunite your love.

  2. oh and i saw the guy with the amazing hair AGAAIN today, like 5 mins ago.

  3. ^^Dude, I know. I kinda wanted you to marry him that night... And then I can have the long haired guy to myself :-)

    You are a legend, we must party ASAP.


  4. well, i see you girls a fun night out! memories will remain forever...for better or worse, hehe! ;)

    keep on having fun!

  5. you are HILARIOUS. we all act ridiculous sometimes and any guy that is ever going to stick around for the long run might as well find out about your crazy from the beginning!

    sounds like a very fun night. xx