Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Blogger Friday 2.0

On Friday I met up with the lovely Jen and a new batch of lovely London bloggers for lunch at Yauatcha. It was great catching up with a few familiar faces from the last cupcake meet and also some new (and very stylish) bloggers:

(Carrie from WishWishWish, Fiona from SOS-Save Our Shoes, Lucy from Snippets of Shiny Thoughts, Olivia from My New Favourite Thing)
(Carrie working her Mulberry Alexa)
(The gorgeous Olivia rocking her maxi, Marni and Wang combo- jealous much?)

(The lovely Jen- The Style Crusader)

I was excited to meet Olivia from My New favourite Thing (one of my favourite blogs) who was celebrating her birthday and is honestly one of the most naturally stunning people I.have.ever.met.in.real.life- arrrggghhh!
Whilst I sipped prosecco and ate the largest plate of food (pig, moi?) I laughed with the hilarious Fiona from SOS; and learnt Irish slang- don't ask!

When we left Yauatcha, I spent most of the photosesh (because this is what bloggers do) dodging peoples attempts to photograph me, due to my sausage legs.

On Friday I wore shorts... 

Big mistake!

I discovered I have sausage legs... sausage legs that laugh at my small upper frame, for no apparent reason. I have decided to no longer wear anything that shows them off.



  1. whaaat?! you SO do not even have sausage legs! i thought you looked totally fab in those blue shorts! but if you are serious about this new 'no shorts rule' then i am totally coming to your house and snatching them all up before anyone else gets a chance to... xx

  2. oh, would have loved to have met all you wonderful ladies! lovely meet up! ;)

  3. i'd like to 2nd that... are you f****g kidding me??!! you've got the best legs. if everything wasn't happening all at once i'd have so definitely shot you. actually i think i did.. there was the group that were in the shot, and the (larger) group on the other side of the camera. once i've downloaded, i'll try to show you how great you looked in those blue shorts.

    i'm with frances: spaghetti legs more like it. angel hair pasta, actually. xo

  4. @ Frances/Polka dot- Hahaha, you guys are too funny (and sweet) but I am still vito-ing legs baring monsters from now on!

    @ SS are you from London? You should totally come to the next one doll. x

  5. A few things.

    1. I love that you've written 'sausage legs' in the same colour as an actual sausage.

    2. You need to buy a mirror that works because you have AMAZING legs that in no way resemble encased meat of any form

    3. I need a pedicure STAT

    That's all.


  6. Where was my invite? Hmmmm 0_o?