Friday, 9 April 2010

Fun at Ella's

You may not know that I am a cake fiend.

There, I said it.

Today I spent the afternoon stuffing my face smugly eating rasberry-vanilla cupcakes at Ella's Bakehouse.

I die.

I was invited to join the cupcake gang (ok so they're not really a gang and that's not really their name) by the lovely Jennifer from 'The Style Crusader' blog.

How cute is Jen's skirt?

It had been a long time coming. When 'cakeface' (my name for these such conventions) was cancelled last week, I declared that if Jen didn't arrange another one (sharpish) I may eat her.

Just saying.

(Camera- shy Vanessa and Michelle)
(Jen & Michelle)

If you're wondering, yes that is 'the' Vanessa Jackman shielding her face. The Jackman. I almost had a Shini moment* when I was introduced to her.
I love that blogging is a community. I spent the afternoon in the sun, eating cake with new friends- perfecto!
If you're in Londontown on a Friday, look out for Jen's twitter's and join the cake party.

Have a great weekend lovelies.


* Shini moment: The ''re.Vanessa.Jackman' moment.


  1. I REALLY love her skirt :)
    And she is stunning!!!
    This looks like so much fun :)
    I am very jealous!!!

  2. aw jackie! i had such a fun time today! thanks so much for coming. think the next one is going to happen in soho... walked through today and there were so many amazingly stylish people.

    p.s. it was pretty hilarious watching you attempt jumping for jill! i didn't look THAT bad!! haha. xx

  3. whoops - IT didn't look that bad... not I. xx

  4. Yes i like Jen's skirt a lot! ....And about that jump? all i'l say is i'm on the watch out, i trust that Jill is planning her next jump victim as we speak!:) :)

  5. it WAS the most fabulous day! i'm going to post your jump shots next. great post - just can't believe how old & awful i look in that shot (should have done a 'vanessa') but what the hell: life's too short, who cares, it was fun. i'm old, but i'm happy ; )

    HA!! just read kaz's comment, i'm shaking with laughter as i type this.


  6. Can't beat a day out with the girls. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  7. gutted the last one was cancelled, was looking forward to meeting you! I'm hoping there's one happening on the 23rd as it's the only Friday I have off in, like, a million years. xx

  8. we should totally do the 23rd! it's the day after my birthday so extra reason to celebrate with delicious treats! was thinking next time of maybe meeting somewhere around carnaby street...? let me know what you think. xx

  9. @ Polka Dot, you look gorgeous (and very French I might add).

    @ Kaz, It took me a couple of days to get over my jump trauma. Watch your back, you might be Jill's next victim.

    @ MNFT- I'll try and take the afternoon of work so I can make the 23rd. Looking forward to meeting you too!

    @ Jen- cutest skirt ever?! I had so much fun, thanks for inviting me.


  10. Go on, go on! It's my bday (hence the day off) and I don't have plans til the evening so a sneaky cupcake and a bloggers gossip would be ideal! x

  11. hello, loving the post and that you girls had such a great time! you are so lucking leaving close by, i guess to just hang out like that! me wanna, too! ;)

    came over from StyleCrusader of course!

    dearest greets! be definitively "stalking" you via Google friend-Twitter-and maybe IFB!

    would love to add you to IFB

    always love to find new friends with great sense of Style, hehe!