Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Georgia Hardinge AW10

Seems like I've been waxing lyrical about this guurrrlll fuurrreva.

I love all things H a r d i n g e.

I missed her 'Cage' film presentation at London Fashion Week.

This may have been a good thing, now I've seen her collection.

No one wants to see my over-amourous clothing gestures...

... or fainting.

I fear that owning a piece of her sassy, cage-y, sheer-ey, good stuff could make a girl do very bad things*.

Down, bad girl.

You have been warned. Again.

Check out her amazing collection (and blog) HERE.


*To men. I will not elaborate.


  1. That structure is to die for !

  2. i'M A FAN.
    Never wll I tire of the cage and the structured shoulders. Long live Hardinge!


  3. the first dresses are so hott!! love them :)

    Anna Katrina