Thursday, 22 April 2010

'What to wear' day?

I hate transitional weather.

I'm struggling to find anything to wear. I attempt to wear something 'summery' because I've been tricked by the weather gypsies and it's fah-reezing. Today for example, I decide to wear tights and a scarf, and it's warm. Humbug!

Topshop seems to be brimming at the moment. I suppose I shouldn't really use today, it being E a r t h  D a y and all to promote fast fashion...


I'm loving these (save my wardrobe from weather annihilation) pieces.


P.S ...

This is Emily (shot by the lovely Jill of Street Style London for American Apparel). She's wearing the latest jodhpurs from American Apparel. Jill is planning blogger world domination by promoting her pants (the jodhpurs, not her own pants) via the bloghesphere to prove that 'blogging is a collective force'. To join Jill's plight for blogger rule, just re-post the picture on your blog and leave Jill a comment.

Check out Jill's amazing blog and read more about it here.

Toodles lovers.

(All clothing/images: riding pants:


  1. oh, that looks so summery and silky already! love it!

    got on the Blog Calling chain, as well, hehe! ;)

  2. Aww thanks for your comment...NOT :P
    You're so mean to me ;) xxx

  3. I HATE transitional dressing (especially in autumn)but you appear to have got it down to a very chic tee here!Love that creamy-meets metallic colour palette! xx

  4. oh, I never know what to wear! I have to leave at 7 am to go to highschool when it's really cold and then when I come back home at about 2 pm it's so hot and I have to take everything off and then I don't know where to put it and it's just driving me crazy!
    Btw, thanks for telling me about Charlie Le Mindu, I had heard about him but I never got to check his entire work and now I find him totally AMAZING! I think I'm even gonna make a post about him! So thanks a lot!

  5. top shop has some amazing pieces not to mention that nude/ivory/cream/beige is differently the color of the season.

  6. I agree with Daisychain, I really want those silk shorts!! They would look gorgeous in summer


  7. yah, i'm loving the silk shorts and the maxi dress. by the way, i'm sure i've said this 100 times, but i think you've got totally rockin style and always look great. it's nice to know that i'm not the only one that struggles to figure out what to wear in the morning.... xx

  8. The trick is a decent sized bag. Wear a lovely scarf, and light jacket, and if it is warm, take it off, and put it in there. My fave are the floral shorts.

  9. Oh Jackie you're such a star! Thanks for that.

    I'm kicking myself. Literally. Years ago, in NY, I bought two pair of designer silk shorts in a sample sale (I forget which designer): in brown, and grey. I wore them when no one was, and.. I can't find them! I never throw anything out, and I think I might have chosen them, and my clogs, as the few items to give to charity.

    I want to tag you on my new facebook club:

    would you mind joining? If you want to friend me:
    Jill Carin Adams. Thanks! Hope you're having a great weekend. I loved YOUR shorts, btw! ; ) xox

  10. Love the post! Love your blog so much!