Sunday, 30 May 2010

Hello Lover!

The gorgeous My New Favourite Thing  has kindly bestowed upon me the 'HELLO LOVER' tag (thanks my love!).

The idea is to post your 7 favourite pairs of shoes. Here are 7 of mine, that I haven't quite worn into the ground yet)...

1. Mulberry Roxanne Sandals
I love the chunky heel and crackled leather on these bad boys. The studding and buckles also get an extra ten points.

2. YSL Tribute Sandals
I've worn these into the ground and they're only a season old. The buckles are loose and the heels have already been replaced! <3

3. Pierre hardy x Gap Clogs
Probably my favourite because they cost me 99p brand new on eBay. Really, really!
I got them about two years ago and found it pretty weird when clogs came back in this year, especially because when I first bought them everyone called me a Geisha.

4. Church's Burwood Brogues
Classic, masculine, go with everything shoes. These are perfect dressing up, when I can't face heels.

5. Prada Platform Ankle Boots
I'm not really into faddy shoes (although I did want the Ashish x Topshop wedges). I tend to buy classics that can be worn for years on end- these are perfect. Although, I tend to look at them more than I wear them, because they pinch.

6. Chloe Multi-Strap
At first I wasn't sold on their square toe. Then I couldn't live without them.

7. (and 8) Nine West Heech Sandals
So good I got them twice! These are complete Balenciaga rip-offs. I didn't know that at the time, but I can live with it. They're my go-to shoes; I wear them everyday (with socks in the winter).

The shoes I want/missed out on/
check eBay for everyday:
Marni double platform sandals, Opening Ceremony desert boots, Burberry Victorian boots, Church's Liverpool, LD Tuttle x Colonial Madness boots & Emma Cook creeper boots. (If anyone knows where I can get any of these in a 39, please let me know. Thanking you kindly).

I'm passing on the 'Hello Lover' tag to:

Have fun luvvys!



  1. Love those Church's brogues!

    Lydia xxx

  2. ha, so much fun! now i have to figure out how to set up my camera, hehe! ;/ lovely collection of shoes, gorgeous! greets!

  3. ohh what yummy shoes you have x

  4. ohhh i love this! thanks for passing it on to me! i will definitely definitely do this! you seriously have the MOST amazing shoe collection out of anyone i know. those YSL babies are insane and i can't believe you have real churches! duuude that is freaking awesome. i LOVE the marni sandals and those opening ceremony desert shoes... i really want some desert shoes. love this post jackie! xx

  5. wow great collection, and you bet you have some more great shoes. x

  6. Looooove those GAP clogs, wow! :)

  7. OMGG if you get those emma cook creepers on ebay in a 39 ...i will SOOOO kill yoou. I'd die for a pair in pretty much ANY colour x

  8. Yeah, so I'm massively jealous of your shoe collection right now! The Mulberry Roxannes are just too gorgeous xxx

  9. Loving your Mulberry heels aye aye aye!

    Peace Out!

  10. That is a seriously amazing collection. I want those clog sandals!! I've also been lusting after the Emma Cook boots for about, oh, 2 years now, and I'm also a 39...race you to them (I should add that I can't walk in heels, AT ALL, so really they'd be better off with you!) x

  11. Amazing post! Socks and shoes rule, I knew those last shoes were LD tuttle from the chunky heel and slate coloured leather. We have them in our showroom and it was love at first sight

  12. I love that you style them up with little ankle socks! Just bought the Church's brogues in white, wore them out on Weds night and they nearly bloody killed me! Please tell me they soften up...xx

  13. oh là là, j'adore vos chaussures, elles sont magnifiques

  14. Look what I've just seen on ebay - in size 39-40....

  15. ^^ Thank you darling, but actually they are a size too big. I never understood US sizing, I always thought a 39 was an 8, not a 9, but meh!


  16. Love the Mulberry's I adore everything Mulberry!

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