Saturday, 29 May 2010

S W I T Z E R L A N D  W A S

A M A Z I N G !

Thanks bro for putting me up, putting up with me, waiting 2 hours for me to get dressed everyday (it's a girl thing) trying to kill me at one point (see above) and generally being my picture taker.

*Gleek roar* Go.... Zurich!

In other news, Dani & I are off to Sweden Baby! Following the invite/fake invite conversation with Jen, we booked our tickets and will be crashing with Jen (thanks my love) at the end of June. Whoop whoop! 

Stockholm shopping suggestions will be greatly appreciated... thanking you kindly.

Sweden Baby*!


*Fyi, Sweden will be forever referred to as 'Sweden Baby' :-)


  1. ok. i am so stinking excited about you guys coming to sweden. i seriously can not wait. send me your flight details, ok? i am going to be like literally the happiest girl in the whole world... after my exams/essays are done in general i will be the happiest girl. you will be like, who is this totally wild woman drinking cider and acting like a mental nut? yah... it will be me. the work has been holding me back.

    on another note... i LOVE that leopard dress/playsuit(?) you are wearing! you are such a little fashionista! so many great outfits here. it looks incredible and like the perfect pre-birthday weekend! xx

  2. Oh snap I have the white dress in black! Looks like you had an amazing time! You look so cute! I love the leopard jumpsuit as well!! We just tagged you in our blog take a look x


  4. Some great outfits there, love the white dress in particular! Well done on sorting the Sweden trip, great things happened round that table on Tuesday! I'm going to Zurich in the summer and these photos have made me really excited about it! x

  5. I was born in Switzerland and love it there. Frequently go there. Zurich is a very chic city if i don't say so myself. Great post! Love your blog!

  6. That leopard playsuit is lovely! I really want to go to Switzerland... All that chocolate... Okay, maybe I shouldn't go...

  7. Omgsh. Switzerland is so beautiful...and SUNNY? I only ever hear about skiing in Switzerland... I now want to go thanks to these photos. Oh, I have no money... ever. I LOVE all your outfits too, and think you need to style me up a little bit.
    I'm also insanely jealous of your upcoming Sweden trip. And expect lots more photos etc.
    ENJOY LOVERS! xxxx

  8. Look at you jetting off here and there! And sweden sounds AMAZING! Havee fuuunnn x

  9. You have such great style! Love your jeans and blazer. Switzerland looks amazing, I'll have to visit sometime and the weather looks great!
    Hope you have a lovely time in Sweden.

    Lydia xxx

  10. I love Zurich... Have fun in Sweden. My flatmate is going to visit her parents near Stockholm for 10 days so it would be quite a small world if you bumped into her..LOL ;-)

  11. lovely photos. lovely playsuit. Sweden = home of Eric Saade, love of my life. xx

  12. Switzerland looks so nice! Plus I really like your leopard playsuit!

    Have fun in Swwweeedeen!


  13. je te trouve très jolie, et j'aime beaucoup ta tenue, et tes photos superbes

  14. Not only am I extremely jealous of your jetsetting but I also love your leopard print playsuit. May I ask where it is from? x

    PS: Hope you have a lovely time in Sweden