Monday, 3 May 2010

Stranger things have happened

Last Thursday I met up with the lovely Hind (MD of Expose Communications) to check out the SS10 looks for some of her clients. As I fawned over my favourite label, ‘Kage’ and it’s flirty, feminine designs (pics later) I couldn’t help noticing that she too was one stylish lady...

Hind wore: Margiela top, Topshop top, Wayne moto vest, Comme des Garcons (Watanabe) leggings, Gucci shoes, Balenciaga bag

I practically had to bully her into taking her picture. She protested at the thought of people thinking she was ‘spoilt’ when I asked her what she was wearing. How cute is she?

This is what I wore:

Actually this is just what I wore to work. I had to suffer the indignation of the ‘click-clack’ heel after deciding to go ahead and wear my shoes, knowing well that they needed a re-heeling) because they ‘went best with my Charlie's Angel's jeans'. Why am I such a fashion sucker?!

Do strange things ever happen to you...?

Because I was meeting Hind nears Jill’s, I emailed her to see if she wanted to meet for drinks, but got no reply *sniff, sniff, tear.

As soon as I got home, I got an email from Jill...

Jill: Was that you in the station lift this evening... blue jeans, bright pink toes?’

Jill: I’ve been out all day and only get the internet at home, so I’ve just seen your message, but was that you? I was going to ask to shoot you, and then when you got out I lost you and thought... wait, that couldn’t have been Jackie’.

Me: Indeed Jill, I was probably in my own world (I always am when I forget to put my contact lenses in) and didn’t notice you.

Jill: Here’s my number for the future, lol.

Weird, huh?



  1. Love the Kelis song post below. And your outfit, legs look a million miles. Hind looks precious!

    No no, it's not AA you must protest, it's Urban Outfitters. How dare they. I mean I still online shop there and go to other cities to buy from them. The one in my town is just racist and gross.




  2. I love the deep green of her Balenciaga bag!


  3. looking smashing! love the high high waisted jeans! kelis is so cool! have you seen Ciara's New Video? if you like her! Very sexy! that girl can move, hehe! ;)

  4. Love it! I remember waiting for the elevator @ Gloucester Road and staring at your toes and wondering if I could get a quick shot before the doors opened.. I almost stopped you and asked, 'excuse me..' but I didn't see your face and then lost you in the crowd.

    How random is life. See you soon. xo


    Love the pants on you - and not many ppl AT ALL can pull those babies off. Totally the fourth angel...obviiii.



  6. It is a small world, probaby run in to each other without even knowing, I saw kaz at the uniqlo thing last week, and if i had been any later wouldn't have even knwon she was there.

  7. I love your outfit! How are your legs so high, I'm so jealous! I'm 'vertically challenged' you see so this has caused great damage to my ego lol :p



  8. @ Christian, Ambi & LOVEMORE- honestly I'm only 5'5. These jeans just do serious stuff for my legs (and I ain't complaining)!


  9. Both of your outfits are stunning! x

  10. Your jeans are absolutely fabulous! kiss

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    would you check out mine and follow me back?
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  12. haha! that is way too funny! what a small little world. you look incredible by the way. i can not believe you have those jeans. i was just reading (or watching?) on the net a porter mag about their top 10 denim moments - and those jeans by chloe made the list. you are seriously fabulous miss jackie. oh, also Hind is pretty fabulous. it would probably take all my self control not to grab her bag and run away. xx

  13. You both wore great outfits!