Wednesday, 5 May 2010


S S 1 0 ' H o l i d a y '  C o l l e c t i o n

'holiday' the second collection from 'KAGE' by arwa abdelhadi and basma abu ghazaleh.
fun, flirtatious, feminine designs. simple, chic,  chanel-inspired tailoring.

their collection caught my eye when i met up with hind. i love it's glamour into everyday feel. my move away from gruff grunge dressing, means these days i'm super fond of labels that make you look clean... as opposed to 'posh girl tramp' dirty! don't get me wrong, mami <3's her biker boots, but when did it become a bad thing to dress up nice?



  1. so true! don't have found my biker boots yey, but it's always feels good to dress up! love the collection, indeed cute dresses!

  2. Perfect pieces for summer, and the pieces look effortless, just throw them on, and go, and still look great.

  3. oh princess, i think im developing a mega blog crush.
    i definitely fit into the "posh-girl-tramp" criteria.
    we can attempt to be nicely dressed together.
    xx fi

  4. these pictures are gorgeous and I love the draping of the pieces!!!

  5. These pictures are seriously stunning, the model is unbelievably pretty!! Any idea who it is?? :)
    Thanks for your comment miss :) xox

  6. totally agree with you! there is something so lovely about dressing nicely. am sort of feeling the whole ladylike 40s trend... i love the 2nd photo. would definitely be happy to wear all those pieces! xx

  7. I agree. I'm feeling the pared-back, slightly more clean-cut feel of AW10...all those Helmut Lang references and Celine. Beautiful pics! xx