Friday, 7 May 2010

VV Brown x David Allain 'The City of Abacus' Comic Book

Bringing together the creative talents of V V Brown, David Allain and comic illustrator Emma Price, The City of Abacus is a dark futuristic tale of corruption, rebellion and adventure, set in the eerie city of Abacus, presided over by evil ruler Queen Virusos, where music is banned, creative objects have become mysterious relics and the city's people have their thoughts controlled by the 'MX-41'. Only the orphaned heroine Freeda is unsettled by this conformity. '

Last night at 'The City of Abacus' comic book launch party (at the Book Club) ...

(Photos by the lovely Fayoona from SoS- thanks pet, you're a total Betty!)

Eerie smoke filled rooms
Life size objects
The gorgeous Miss Brown
Geek Chic
Notorious B.I.G music blasting
Free Booze
Comic book Heaven!


The city of Abacus will be available to buy from the 6th May at
Thanks to Alyn @ Margaret London


  1. this looks so cool jackie! now i'm feeling like i missed out! so glad you got some photos to put up! am starting to go through platform princess style withdrawals... i need to know what sort of cool things you are wearing!! xx

  2. IM FAMOUS! yaaaaaaaaay!
    you're a betty.

  3. so sad i couldn't make itttttttttt.

  4. That event looked sick! Thanks for sharing the pictures. X

  5. ha, super cool that large pencil, hehe! great pics!

  6. you look great! I think this is the first photo where I can see you with your hair let loose. And I love it!

  7. this party looks so fun! loving the giant pencils!! xxx

  8. oooh! really awesome! loving all the pictures, looks like a lot of fun:)

    xx raez