Thursday, 6 May 2010

Stolen Girlfriends Club

W e l c o m e  t o  N o w h e r e 

My favourite pieces from SGC AW10.

Admittedly, I'm a bit late to ride this gravy train. The fact that this collection 'was inspired by vagabonds' was probably what threw me. Lace flared riding pants, Mormon style hats and two colour sided leggings don't really turn me on.

That said... Never have I wanted to get into someone's (knitted) pants more.

In other news, if any of you've been reading my ramblings on Twitter, you'll know that I've broken my phone(s) and digicam. 
My friend (word used very loosely) dropped my bag in an ice bucket on Sunday night. Sad times. Ultimately this means for the time being there will be no outfit posts.


Tonight I'm off to the VV Brown x David Allain comic book launch party. Can't wait wait to catch up with Creative Idle & Fayoona from SOS. There probably won't be any photos because, again, I have no camera. It It really hurts.


(Images: Stolen Girlfriend's Club via


  1. Friggin LOVE stolen girlfriend's club and i literally can't wait till those cable knit bloomers come out...i WILL be all over them. Have fun x

  2. I love SCG. I went to Start Boutique in Shoreditch thinking it's safely tucked away from the shopaholics on Oxford Street. Lo and behold they were out of STOCK!!! ugh. But now I need to head down there soon.

    SO sad about your camera. I saw VV Brown in Vogue June's editorial, which I must say with each month I am DISSAPOINTED in British Vogue. ugh.

  3. ha, very fun and cool collection, hehe! looks very cozy!

  4. did you get my text? stupid limit on people :(
    however stolen girlfriends club is amazing.

  5. mmmm, i'm LOVING the first dress with those boots. simply gorgeous.
    and thankyou for the nice comment, it's nice to hear from you!

  6. I'm in love with that bodysuit!! I want it! I want it!

  7. oh hope you had fun at the party! sounds very cool indeed. umm, can i just say that i think me and that striped dress would make sweet love together... i don't think i would EVER take it off. i nEEED it in my life - officially.

    so sorry i didn't mention the SB talk when i saw you on monday. i totally didn't think of it. hope your well and my heart really does go out to you about the camera situation. that seriously sucks. xx

  8. Love it! want everything! And those boots...I would wear them with everything!