Sunday, 20 June 2010

I don't think...

Jen's post exam celebration....

Was supposed to be like this.

By 'this' I mean breaking my drinking ban, downing shots with waiters, leopard hats, and drinking persil. The plan was dinner, then drinks. We ended up downing shots of some kind of poison with the waiters at Bella Vita, sitting on the laps of waiters at Bella Vita, trying on chef hats in the kitchens of Bella Vita, and offending the people sitting next to us so much, with our raucous antics, that they decided to move at Bella Vita.
After dinner we headed back to Dani's to dress up in her clothes, shoot tequila and dance to Ja Rule (sorry for the crazy drunken tweeting).
We ended up drunk before we had gone out anywhere. We went out for 20 minutes. We staggered back to Dani's. I passed out in Dani's bathroom (I'll spare you the gory details). I did the cab ride of shame the next morning in her pyjamas.

I did it all again the next night...

Partied with my oldest friend on her birthday Got drunk I mean.

Back on the wagon again (sadface).


p.s That Jen is a wild woman!


  1. Haha, oh dear! Sounds like so much fun!

    Lydia xxx

  2. I'm. So. Friggin. Jealous. Looks wild x

  3. Haaa, looks like an awesome twosome of nights! Very wild, indeed! xo

  4. wow, looks like a quite fabulous girls night out! having fun the the ladies ! hehe fab images!

  5. oh my gosh. i am beyond mortified! hahah... ahhhhh. dude. just for the record... you drank tequila and i drank persil (accidentally). why does your second night look so glamorous and your first night out just like a bit o'l mess. whoops. xx

  6. ^^ don't lie dude, you drank persil and you loved it ;-)

    Sweden Baby!

  7. Those wild girls night out are the best ones. I really love that heart shaped pasta thing! It looks so yummy!

  8. Herat shaped pizza and pasta! amazing! I tagged you for a blog award gorgeous

  9. Thanks for the heart shaped pizza idea :) Will make it this week! So cute!

  10. Haha omg I can only imagine what you girls got up to!! Jen looks gorgeous in these pictures though, especially in that leopard playsuit!


  11. aw, you can't escape the booze...i just had cider on a weeknight! you look glowing and gorgeous, jen is so lovely :) x

  12. These pictures are hilarious...

    I've never thought to drink Persil Small & Mighty... but what the heck, it's a damn sight cheaper than Champagne! ;0)

    STYLE SOUK - Fashion Blog