Monday, 21 June 2010

Thing that happen when you try and get all creative...

and shizz:

  • Get stung by bees
  • Break your tripod
  • Mess up your blog

In an effort to show you my new docs and also impress the picture quality snobs (yes I don't have a fancy pants Canon, but I am saving for one, so there* wiggles bum*) I decided to get all outdoorsy and ventured into the jungle my communal gardens.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Not only did a million 2 bees nearly kill sting me, I broke my tripod leg in a mad rush to get away from said bees.

Last night I also decided to change my blog... and now I hate it. I hated the old format; I hated looking at it day in, day out... and now I hate this one- go figure!

Anyho, these are my new docs. I'm kind of obsessed with them and kind of hate them at the same time. Maybe it's because I actually wanted these. The tee is by KAGE and was a birthday present from the gorgeous Hind over at Expose-Communications (thanks my love)!

In other news, the lovely Imo from It's a London Thing gave me the 'Stylish Blogger Award' (whoop whoop):

The rules are to state 5 facts about yourself and then award 5 others. So here goes:

  1. My favourite food is beef burgers
  2. I've never been camping/stayed in a hostel/gone anywhere without a suitcase
  3. I'm piano grade 4
  4. You'll never see my full arms (go on, have a scroll back and see if you can spot them). I was in a car crash 3 years ago, have a 7 inch scar, 2 plates and a skin graft on my right arm (eww!). I'm kinda lucky to be alive :-)
  5. I am a complete technophobe. I learnt how to use an ipod 2 years ago.
I'm passing it on to The Style Crusader, Not Just Medical, Some Kind of Style, Styleeast My New Favourite Thing.


p.s Although my facial expressions may indicate otherwise, I am not angry in these shots... just really, really scared!

pps. Does anyone know if you can import blogs to Typepad/Wordpress? Please help me... thanking you kindly!


  1. i love love love that your docs match the flowers in the background. was that intentional? :) i adore your top by the way! and thank-you again for your email, i read it again today and it made me smile :)

    i hope you manage to sort your blog out soon! xxx

  2. Love your Doc Martens...they are fab.:)SarahD

  3. Ooh, what do I have to do now you've passed it to me?! Thanks!

    These Docs are perfection, I love how you have so many different looks (arms out or no arms out - i have scars too and you'll never see me in sleeveless - fact!) xx

  4. I used to have cherry red Docs - loved them, not sure what happened to them. Was in a car accident and have a long scar and a pin inside my left leg that goes from ankle to knee. Have learnt to love it - what doesn't kill us makes us stronger and all that! xx

  5. you are such a sweet heart. i love your attempt at being creative. i think it's great and the shot of you running away from the bees is too funny. love the docs on you, that kage t-shirt is so freaking cool, and those are beautiful shorts... great minds think alike, eh?

    p.s. thanks for the lovely award! xx

  6. You, my dear, are hilarious. You look bloody brilliant though. Thanks for the tag, yippee!! xx

  7. @ Jazza, no worries, just remember what I said. Would love to say I was that artistic, but no it wasn't intentional.

    @ WeShop, thanks for the encouraging words x

    @ MNFT, dude, honestly it wasn't even funny. I was afraid for my life!

    @ Jen, we have like exactly the same shorts. I was so freaked out the other day, haha!


  8. Hey beaut!
    I MISS YOU. Why do you reject me like this?! haha.
    Well I love the photos, it's just a same about the consequences ! Lol, I am also getting a Canon, woop!
    RIGHT I am in London for the whole of August. See me then or i'll assume you've disowned me... ;)

    love you x

  9. ^^ I miss you tooooooooo! London in August is a definite. x

  10. This is so funny! HAHA I lve the shot of you sprinting away from teh bee I was on the floor laughing my head off!

    You are indeed lucky to be alive missus! We tank God! Also I too am a technophobe, I didint know how to use a USB until 3 years ago =l. Its a funny old thing how I even manage to use this here blogger thingy ma jig!

  11. You look so pretty! But my favorite is the last picture. So funny! I'm also scared of bees. You never know when they want to sting! Well, the truth is that I'm scared of any kind of insect. xx

  12. love these docs, i had a flowery pair when i was about 10 and has been my mission to find some the same for now!

    Don't blame you for being scared of the bees btw - I'm petrified of getting stung, i'm shit with pain and know i'd probably cry!


  13. Love your docs, I only have black ones and purple ones, so jealous of these!

    Lydia xxx

  14. i lovee your docs you should have worn them the other night. i want to see them in real life!!! AND OMG you are such a baby- #2 on your list is going to be changing ASAP... (sweden=no suitcase HAHA) wooooo!

  15. My goodness, Jackie, I had no idea. Only three years ago? And to think I was making you jump when we first met. I hope you don't feel any pain. But you mustn't feel ashamed of your scars: they're your badge of courage, for surviving. You should feel proud!

    I love these awards altho I'm so crap at doing them that people choose me less and less. But I love the things I learn about other people. I came here actually cause of Jen's tweet: I love your new logo! Did you design it yourself? It's lovely.

    Oh and I still haven't cracked how to use my ipod btw.

    Beautiful shots. I love the leg & one boot. ; ) xoox

  16. How did I miss this post?! I bloody hate bees, so I can totally relate to the shot of you running away!! Sucks about the tripod leg though :(

    Also here's something that may help you with importing content - . Don't know it'll help?

    And thank you for the award!!! I shall be passing it on in my next post!


  17. I saw this post, and literally laughed out loud, at the last pic, nothing wrong in being more adventurous. xx

  18. I've just come across your blog, via Styleeast via Polka Dot, and I love it! You were my first laugh of the day, thank you. Those last couple of shots are brilliant and i'm loving the flower docs with the flowers in your garden. Intentional or not, it works. x